LCL invests €30m in Diegem data centre

LCL invests €30m in Diegem data centre

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Data centre specialist LCL will invest €30 million in a fifth data centre in Diegem, Belgium.

Alongside this, the company says it aims to expand the region’s most connected data centre, LCL Brussels-North in order to continue to support the digital economy.

LCL Data Centers chose its data centre complex in Diegem for the additional data centre space and says while it will not be fully equipped at first, the facility will allow it to shift gears and meet the specific accommodation needs of new customers.

“LCL Brussels-North is a hub through which all Belgian internet traffic flows, and that makes it the region's best connected data centre complex”, said Laurens van Reijen, managing director of LCL Data Centers.

“It can be considered the beating heart of the digital economy. Adding another data center will enable us to continue to support society's growing digitalisation.”

“Our ambition remains the same: to become the largest data centre operator in Belgium. We intend to grow in a sustainable way, however.”

“And we will also continue to opt for a customer intimacy strategy, which will enable us to achieve sustained growth," van Reijen concluded.

The design of the new data centre in Diegem was Tier III certified by Uptime Institute.

LCL currently uses air to cool its data centre spaces and the company says it is now looking into the possibility of using liquid cooling to achieve greater energy efficiency.

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