UK, US sign ‘landmark’ agreement on AI safety

UK, US sign ‘landmark’ agreement on AI safety

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The UK and US have signed a landmark deal to work together to test advanced AI.

The agreement, which was signed on Monday, will see both countries work together to develop “robust” methods for evaluating the safety of AI tools and its systems.

This agreement represents a landmark moment, as the UK and the United States deepen our enduring special relationship to address the defining technology challenge of our generation,” said Michelle Donelan, the UK’s secretary of state for science, innovation and technology.

The Department for Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT) said the new partnership will take effect immediately and the collaboration will help the government keep pace with emerging risks around AI.

“We all know AI is the defining technology of our generation,” Gina Raimondo, the US commerce secretary said.

“This partnership will accelerate both of our institutes’ work across the full spectrum to address the risks of our national security concerns and the concerns of our broader society.”

In October, President Joe Biden signed an executive order that aims to reduce the risks of AI.

The regulation of technology has been a topic of frequent debate in recent times. The latest AI deal follows a commitment made at the AI Safety Summit, which was spearheaded by UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak in November last year, to allow AI safety institutes to evaluate and test new AI models before their release.

It also comes off the back of new AI regulation agreed upon by the EU Parliament and Council negotiators for an official Artificial Intelligence Act in December, which is seen as a hardline stance on the technology among experts.

The UK said in February that it aims to spend more than £100 million to launch nine new research hubs and train AI regulators about the technology.

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