UK business utility company adds telecom services to waste disposal and water management offering

UK business utility company adds telecom services to waste disposal and water management offering

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Everflow, one of the UK’s leading business utility providers, has launched a proof-of-concept project in the telecoms sector, adding to the water supply and waste collection services that the business already provides.

Everflow will collaborate with Gamma Communications (Gamma), a leading technology-based provider of communication services across Europe, to deliver its telecoms services.

The proof-of-concept project will initially target small businesses and sole traders, but if successful could mark a crucial step in Everflow’s entry into the telecoms industry.

Research by Gamma suggests that almost 30% of businesses have not begun planning for the UK’s copper network discontinuation, and another 46% are only partially prepared.

“With the impending copper network switch-off, businesses are seeking reliable partners for their digital transformation,” said Jim Garrett, COO at Everflow.

“Our proof-of-concept project, in collaboration with Gamma, reflects our commitment to providing seamless utility solutions. We are confident that this initiative will not only support businesses in their digital evolution but also strengthen our position as a leader in comprehensive multi-utility business services.”

Everflow plans to leverage insights gathered from the proof-of-concept phase to refine and enhance its telecoms offerings.

The company intends to fully launch into the telecoms market after carefully assessing the product offering and ensuring alignment with its customer expectations.

““We are thrilled to be collaborating with Everflow to launch a pioneering digital service ahead of the copper network switch-off,” said Mark Lomas, channel director, new business at Gamma said.

“By pooling our expertise, we are confident that our partnership will empower businesses to navigate the digital transition seamlessly and drive growth in an increasingly interconnected world.”

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