Nokia to unveil multi-access edge slicing innovation with e&

Nokia to unveil multi-access edge slicing innovation with e&

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Nokia has announced a breakthrough multi-access edge slicing innovation that will be showcased with e& at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024 in Barcelona.

Multi-access edge slicing allows operators to offer premium slicing services across 4G and 5G, Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) and Fixed Access (FA) that can support several use cases and applications simultaneously.

Operators can enable a 4G/5G smartphone user to send business-sensitive information using a secure and high-performing network slice while participating in a video call using another slice at the same time.

“Working closely with our partners like etisalat by e& is very important in developing innovative solutions,” said Ari Kynäslahti, head of strategy and technology of mobile networks at Nokia.

“The launch of Multi-Access Edge Slicing underlines Nokia’s network slicing leadership once again. With this latest innovation we can enable operators to provide premium enterprise and consumer services that enhance the customer experience.”

The latest innovation supports laptops, tablets, game consoles, IoT devices as well as 4G/5G smartphones including URSP (UE Route Selection Policy) capable multi-slice smartphones.

It can be used for on-demand network slicing, for example, a subscriber can order and activate a slice for a gaming application running at the edge cloud with an enhanced network performance, low latency, and sliced edge.

It also supports slice service continuity between 4G, 5G, FWA/Wi-Fi and FA/Wi-Fi. This enables etisalat by e& to provide the same subscriber experience across all access network technologies. Nokia says its solution is based on industry standards including 3GPP and IETF and works seamlessly in multi-vendor networks.

Olivier Loridan, senior analyst at Omdia added: “Nokia's Multi-Access Edge Slicing is promising due to its seamless integration of MEC and Network Slicing.

“While the connectivity needs of enterprises and consumers are evolving rapidly, this tailored solution has the potential to address this new demand.”

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