AI-assisted Network Monitoring: Real or Hype?
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AI-assisted Network Monitoring: Real or Hype?

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Join Capacity Media and Kentik for a free webinar at 10am ET / 3pm GMT on February 29th 2024, as we explore the challenges of network monitoring.

Service provider networks are getting larger and more complex. Performance expectations are going up and downtime expectations are going down. Meanwhile, the network team is still tiny – what an enterprise might call a “skeleton crew!”

How can lean teams tackle the chaos of network monitoring – pulling data about diverse CDNs and cloud providers, and correlate that with traditional network data like interface status and flow/traffic? All the while keeping costs low and ensuring high quality digital experiences for subscribers and customers? Can AI meaningfully contribute to this challenge or is it just hype?

Join us on 29th February at 10am ET, 3pm GMT, 4pm CET as we explore the challenges service providers face and what to do about it.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How AI/ML have been used in Network Observability historically

  • How to use large language models to accelerate troubleshooting today

  • How to collect and analyze data from diverse sources

  • What Kentik’s newly launched SaaS NMS adds to the picture

  • Benefits of Streaming Telemetry with a live demonstration

The webinar will take place on 29th February at 7am PT, 10am ET, 3pm GMT and 4pm CET. Click here to register to register for free.

Meet our speakers:

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Chris O'Brien. Sr Principal Product Manager, Kentik.

Chris O'Brien spent 10 years working as a network engineer, but got his start by manning the phones in the support department at a wireless ISP, helping customers trace cables, and restart their computer. He then moved up the ranks to work as a network engineer at several enterprises, culminating in leading network engineering at a company with 750 locations. Chris has always been obsessed with network monitoring. When an opportunity popped up to build network monitoring tools, he jumped and has been working with network and development teams to build monitoring ever since. Chris considers himself fortunate to release some of the most popular and innovative network monitoring tools in the world. 

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Nina Bargisen. Director, Technical Evangelism, Kentik.

Nina Bargisen is Director of Technical Evangelism at Kentik, the network observability company. She has more than 20 years of experience as an active member of the global internet community. At Kentik, she focuses on supporting the company’s service provider users, drawing from her long experience as a peering coordinator and network planner/engineer. Nina has served on program committees and IXP boards, she is an active industry speaker, and she is co-chair of RIPE’s MAT Working Group. Prior to Kentik, Nina built the network for Subspace and played an instrumental role in securing the delivery of Netflix streaming traffic in EMEA and is expert in network observability for CDNs.

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