Mongolia and SpaceX form national satellite cooperation

Mongolia and SpaceX form national satellite cooperation

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The Government of Mongolia and SpaceX are in discussions to launch Mongolia’s first national satellite.

Once deployed, the new satellite will improve connectivity for Mongolians and advance the country's space sector.

The cooperation between the Government of Mongolia and SpaceX, began with a meeting in California between Mongolia's Minister of Digital Development and Communications, Uchral Nyam-Osor, and senior SpaceX representatives.

“Launching our own satellite marks a defining moment for Mongolia's journey towards becoming a spacefaring nation. It signifies Mongolia's commitment to fostering a thriving domestic space industry and its pursuit of a digital future driven by cutting-edge innovation,” said Nyam-Osor.

“Together, Mongolia and SpaceX are poised to accelerate Mongolia's space journey, propelling the nation towards a new era of digitalization, scientific advancement, and economic prosperity.”

Mongolia’s National Satellite Program will enable increased broadband internet access, particularly in remote and underserved areas.

More effective disaster management and emergency response, better safeguarding of the natural environment through enhanced environmental monitoring and resource management. In addition, it will support scientific research and education.

“The satellite programme will have a transformational impact. It will unlock new opportunities for Mongolian’s living across our vast country to connect with Government services and the rest of the word and improves access to information that enables our businesses to grow,” added Nyam-Osor.

“SpaceX’s investment in Mongolia demonstrates the confidence they have in the digital transformation and sustainable development programmes at the centre of Mongolia’s New Recovery Policy and Vision2050.”

The launch of Mongolia’s first national satellite is currently under construction by French company Thales Alenia Space.

This latest announcement follows the successful licensing approval of Starlink internet services into Mongolia in July 2023. Starlink services in Mongolia is due to be available from February 2024.

Formal cooperation between the Government and SpaceX was initiated in February 2023 during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

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