Neos helps legacy ISP upgrade to 1Gbps

Neos helps legacy ISP upgrade to 1Gbps

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Neos Networks, a critical network infrastructure provider has helped Internet Central, one of the UK’s first ISPs, upgrade their network to 1Gbps connectivity.

Internet Central (IC)  is keen continue to to grow the connectivity side of its business as it serves its diverse customer base across small/medium enterprises and mobile network operators in the midlands and northwest of England.

With 550 exchanges, 600 points of presence, 90 on-net data-centres and 4 metro access networks, Neos networks was considered a logical choice.

Over the course of a five-year period, Neos has supported the migration of 17 1Gbps circuits and upgraded services across IC’s sites. Neos said this transition risked disrupting live services and increasing costs for its customers if not effectively managed.

Any significant disruption could have prompted customers to move to a different provider which would have posed a substantial risk to IC in a highly competitive market.

Neos Networks said its UK-wide presence ensured that the multi-site migration was completed with minimal disruption.

In addition to enabling a seamless transition to the new service, the upgrade to Internet Central's network provides its customers with the ability to scale bandwidth more flexibly and cost effectively.

“The telecommunications market is always shifting and at present, customer demands for faster speeds and higher capacities keep growing,” said Sarah Mills, CRO at Neos Networks.

“Internet Central is in an exciting position to deliver on this. Working with such a dynamic ISP, that has deep-rooted knowledge and experience in the market, has been a great experience. Looking ahead, we’re excited to continue supporting the company on its journey to provide best-in-class connectivity across the nation,” Mills said.

IC delivers both leased line and private networks and needed access to a UK-wide network in order to meet these differing connectivity needs and reach its customer base.

Although their customers are located throughout the UK, IC on-net points of presence are located in the midlands and northwest regions, making it crucial for them to have a strong presence via another carrier.

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