RETN unveils Padua-Vienna route bolstering connectivity in northern Italy

RETN unveils Padua-Vienna route bolstering connectivity in northern Italy

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RETN confirms the launch of its latest network connectivity route from Padua to Vienna in northern Italy.

Using the VSIX Padua point of presence (PoP), this new route is designed to strengthen internet connectivity in the Veneto region by enabling collaboration among local, national, and international Internet service providers.

"Padua has experienced a significant surge in internet traffic, prompting us to introduce this new network route to ensure high-availability, secure, and low-latency digital accessibility between Italy and the rest of Europe," said Milko Ilari, managing director of RETN Italy and head of the southern Europe region at RETN.

Through its collaboration with Aruba, RETN has designed and deployed a direct connection from Padua to Vienna, to enable seamless connectivity onwards to Prague and Eastern Europe.

“International connectivity is fundamental to boost market expansion, improve sales/post-sales experience, and constant interaction with global customers of firms in the Northeast - both multinationals and SMEs – as well as to smooth their supply chain management in a digital, data-driven scenario,” added Professor Eleonora Di Maria, president of VSIX.

The northeast of Italy is increasing becoming a hub for local operators, with the widespread deployment of fibre-to-the-home networks. RETN's deployments in the region is expected to further amplify the region's digital capabilities.

The Padua-Vienna route marks the company's fifth network expansion in Italy, delivering alternative connectivity to the conventional route via Rome and acting as a resilient alternative for Milan.

“Aruba continues with its network development strategy to interconnect the data centre and the main national and international traffic exchange points,” said Andrea Colangelo, network infrastructure director at Aruba.

“With this in mind, the opening of a PoP in Padua, at VSIX, and the relaunch of a connection towards Prague, where another Aruba owned data centre is located, increases our capacity and resilience of interconnection to the internet network by building an infrastructure independent from the main traffic hubs of the Northwest.”

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