20 Rising stars from across the telecoms world

20 Rising stars from across the telecoms world

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Capacity Unveils its first power list for talent rising to the top of the industry

Capacity is pleased to present the inaugural 20 Rising Stars power list. Now in our fifth year of delivering such lists to the telecoms community, it occurred to us that we needed an index where the new faces of the industry had the platform to showcase their work and be celebrated for their skills and achievements.

In its first year, we were thrilled to receive close to 90 submissions, highlighting the amazing diverse talent we have at both junior and entry-level roles.

As with all of our indexes the list remains led by Capacity Magazine’s editorial team and is not based on input from our commercial partners.

1) Jee Hun Kim, Solution engineering manager, AirTrunk


Kim joined data centre company, AirTrunk as an intern back in 2018 and in five years quickly ascended to the position of solution engineering manager.

Initially part of the commissioning team, Kim supported the testing of some of the first hyperscale data centre deployments in Asia-Pacific, including AirTrunk's SYD1 and MEL1, both of which are scalable to more than 130MW.

Through a combination of dedication, adaptability, and drive, Kim was able to transition to a customer-facing role, now he manages commercial and legal negotiations, playing a key role in company deals across Australia and Japan.

In addition, Kim has been pivotal in delivering bespoke hyperscale data centre solutions with capacities exceeding 1GW of compute power across Asia-Pacific.

With a background as an aeronautical engineer, Kim has quickly grasped the technical aspects required to deliver innovative data centres, specifically, he helped develop compressor-less high efficiency cooling solutions that achieve design power usage effectiveness as low as 1.15 and deliver optimal total cost of ownership models for AirTrunk customers.

As a leader, Kim is committed to continuous learning and imparting knowledge to the next generation of talent. He is actively mentoring Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) students from local universities and continues to advocate for the largely unknown data centre industry.

According to his peers it is Kim's contributions to supporting hyperscale customers and major cloud providers in Asia-Pacific, commitment to innovation, outstanding leadership skills and relentless pursuit of excellence that make him a deserving nominee of this Rising Star power list.

2) Akanksha Sharma, network support consultant, Akamai Technologies

Akanksha Sharma 2

In her role as network support consultant, Sharma manages technical relationships with Akamai's Internet service providers across Europe, where she ensures both internal and external stakeholders are receiving the best support and solutions.

During her tenure she has ensured the smooth delivery of ongoing Formula 1 in the Netherlands where she works tirelessly with network partners to solve any technical issues and meet all requirements, educating internal stakeholders to enable better traffic load balancing, and supporting them during the time off period in preparation for weekend events.

In addition, she has worked on fixing geolocation data for Telia, which helped to estimate the capacity needed for Akamai deployments, enabling impactful changes with top providers like Orange which were necessary to improve in-country delivery and performance and mitigate business risk and expand impact.

Described by her peers as an asset to not only her team, but the whole organisation, Sharma is someone who does not hesitate to step outside of her comfort zone.

During the company's Moratorium period, where all the technical changes were put on hold, Sharma was both supportive and positive, continuing to work on business cases/exceptions during this period to enable changes with the right safety mechanisms leading to optimal traffic delivery across provider networks delivering the best performance for Akamai customers.

Internally, she also represents her team on the business' coordination forum to align on new technologies and solutions around internet traffic delivery. She also participated in Akamai's training initiative to learn, share, and fill knowledge gaps within its teams.

3) Jack Bullen, junior service provisioning engineer, Aqua Comms

Jack Bullen

Jack Bullen’s journey at Aqua Comms started when he accepted an intern position in March 2021 as an assistant engineer to the head of networking engineering while studying computer science at university.

After completing the internship, Jack accepted a full-time position as junior service provisioning engineer in October 2021. Bullen is well respected within the Aqua Comms network team and is recognised as a great problem solver and someone who watches, listens and asks questions when he needs to.

In his role, he is responsible for all network provisioning, which requires Bullen to engage with clients, the network operations centre (NOC), finance, sales and other teams across the business to drive successful outcomes.

In his spare time, Bullen is a keen surfer and diver and is passionate about the environment and the sustainability of our oceans. In 2022 he won the Aqua Comms ESG Award for starting a programme of analysis of our per site use of optical equipment and engaging in a programme to power down any unused locations removing unused equipment in operational locations from the energy network. This has had an estimated saving of 200W per card and 800W per shelf removed from the network.

At the same time, he has been heavily involved in Aqua Comms' product development and his input has helped shape the company's raw and managed spectrum offerings. He also played a key part in the successful Aqua Comms and Arelion 400Gbps trial across the Atlantic into Europe, and now leads the company's newly formed AI working group.

4) Wan Farina Ahmad Fahmy, assistant manager, Axiata Group Wholesale

Wan Farina Ahmad

A graduate of Axiata Group’s management trainee program, Fahmy completed the programme with a distinction in 2021 and in just a few short years, her career in the wholesale telecoms industry is described as 'nothing short of praiseworthy'. A remarkably fast learner and standout talent, she consistently achieved excellent scores across all rotations during the program and then rose to the position of assistant manager, group wholesale at Axiata.

She was recently awarded the Top 15 Performers Award in Axiata’s Young CEO Development Programme and possesses an impressive aptitude for encouraging collaboration and engaging with those at more senior levels. Within a year, she established a strong rapport with Axiata Wholesale’s strategic partners, making her their trusted point of contact. This combined with her dedication and communication efficacy have left both partners and vendors with a positive impression, helping the company foster solid relationships.

Recognising the transformative potential of digital technology, she also identified the untapped potential of digitalisation for the businesses operations and single-handedly spearheaded its adoption across Axiata Wholesale. This transformed the group's collaboration and optimised work processes, significantly improving operational efficiency and streamlining workflows.

Fahmy has also demonstrated versatility beyond her project management role, consistently extending her support on other areas such as legal and procurement, positioning her as a go-to resource for all divisions in certain areas of operations and supporting value creation for the international wholesale business of Axiata’s companies. She is hailed by her team as a true prodigy and a future leader in the industry.

5) Zouheir Abouzeid, routing manager, mobility services, Bayobab

Zouheir Abouzeid

Abouzeid, joined Bayobab's wholesale mobility business function, two years ago, and has made an impact on the carrier business in Middle East and Africa region. He assumed the role of routing manager for mobility services, focused on margin management, but also expanded his remit by taking keen interest innovation relevant for the region.

He was instrumental in devising Bayobab's methodology for monetising Flash calls, which are missed calls used for the authentication of particular apps, which although it doesn't generate revenues, it uses telecom resources.

Using his knowledge in data mining and data analytics, along with his business acumen, created processes mad procedures for the monitoring and detection of Flash calls and how to monetise them, as a result, he developed a new revenue streams for telcos.

He has built a superior reference data base for SMS destinations, which is used for Billing and Reporting systems. He has collated details from authentic source, i.e., GSMA IR 21, fine-tuned to build a 'single source of truth' database that is periodically updated bolstering the integrity and credibility of the reporting data.

One of his key achievements was the creation of an innovative mechanism for extracting data from the data-lake relevant to carrier telecoms. He used his experience in database structure and scripting logic, to achieve near real-time analytics and reports for better decision making by the business.

In addition, he is currently working with a few cross-functional teams, on the deployment of advanced platforms to deliver the benefits of a modern connectivity across Africa.

6) Baboucar Badjie, apprentice project manager, BCS Data Centres

Boboucar Badjie

Since joining in September 2022 as an apprentice after completing his A-Levels, Badjie has excelled at his work, demonstrated ability and temperament far beyond what would be expected for his experience level. His performance is recognised both internally and by clients he works on projects for. In particular, he has managed the handover of a £17 million fit out scheme and continues to go from strength to strength.

Most PM apprentices will support on projects for at least 3 years before taking more of a leadership role. He has covered for paternity leave last month on a project he was supporting on and the client was complimentary of his performance so much so, he will lead the next phase of the project (c£10 million in value) with his managers support.

Badjie delivers to this level while often having to childmind his young siblings at one morning a week when working from home, cooking and caring for them and getting them ready for school, managing his work around this.

Badjie is labelled by his team as an asset to his team and his manager, James Vaughan comments: "I don't doubt that it will not be long until he is leading projects of his own, with support. He is personable and is already assisting when we have work experience students in the office, taking them on site visit and delegating activities to them. I believe that Baboucar will continue to develop quickly as a project manager, while being involved in the wider business."

7) Abdulaziz Alsaedi, associate sales engineer, Ciena

Abdulaziz Alsaedi

Alsaedi is an associate sales engineer for Ciena supporting the regional team across the Middle East and North Africa to meet customer requirements.

Nominated by not one but three of his industry peers at the likes of Ciena, Zain and Omantel, it’s clear that Alsaedi’s work hasn’t gone unnoticed.

According to Nasreen Ibraheem, wholesale director at Zain Sudan he is doing so "with Passion and high level of collaboration and commitment."

Other praises from colleagues include Iead lshaer, behaviour driven development at Ciena, simply describes him as "a great team player and very talented young man who can learn on the job and continues to support the team. He has outstanding soft skills and I wish him a prosperous future."

While Mundhir Mohammed Al Raisi, senior manager at Omantel, echoed these claims saying that that Alsaedi "is performing and delivering his best to support and fulfil the Middle, East, North Africa region customers' requirements".

8) Charlie Elves, Regional account manager, Colt Technology Services

Charlie Elves

After graduating from the University of Southampton with a degree in Management Science and Spanish, Elves joined Colt in sales support and quickly became known for his dedication to his customers. Progressing to account executive then regional account manager, Elves strives to exceed client expectations, and plays a key role in contributing to a thriving sales team.

In his personal life Elves has had to overcome some huge challenges. When he was eleven, he found out he had a rare hereditary condition that damages the peripheral nerves in the body, which affects about one in 25,000 people. It weakens muscles, particularly around the feet, ankles, legs and hands, and impacts the relay of sensory information to the brain.

Two years after his diagnosis, Elves had an operation on each foot to strengthen the outsides of his ankles. It required weeks of recovery in a wheelchair and months of physiotherapy. As his school wasn’t wheelchair accessible, Elves had to stay at home for six weeks and spent months watching his friends play sport from the side-lines.

“It felt like I lost about six months overall, which is a long time when you’re thirteen,” he said.

In 2017, ten years after the operations on his feet, Charlie took part in a 100km race called the South Coast challenge. He successfully completed the challenge in 20 hours, raising almost £3,000 for Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital in London, demonstrating what he's capable of and that there's so much more left for him to achieve.

9) Keara Ryder, project manager, CyrusOne

Keara Ryder

Since Ryder joined CyrusOne's European Technology team in September 2022 as a project administrator/junior consultant, she has grown to become a well-respected young technologist and has proved to be an integral part of the team.

Her early success has given her the opportunity to join CyrusOne as a full-time CyrusOne project manager in March 2023.

Ryder reportedly does not shy away from taking on challenges outside of her comfort zone and as part of the European Technology team sets the standards for new build and upgrade projects with a focus on security, project management, and network and infrastructure data centre projects. Despite working in physically challenging environments, being directly based at the construction sites, she takes it all in her stride.

Ryder was also part of a team that recently completed one of the company's more recent UK data centre construction builds, which went on to be a significant success. She is also involved in upgrading and deploying the data centre security systems in Amsterdam and the UK.

Prior to joining CyrusOne, Ryder worked for the likes of Eurac Research, Audley Travel and Aster Funds.

"In my 40-year career, Keara is one of the most pleasant and engaging people I've met," said Phil Edge, senior director of information technology, Europe at CyrusOne. "She has taken on responsibility for the delivery of key project milestones. I believe Keara will continue to thrive in CyrusOne, will be a leader of the future and I have no hesitation in putting Keara forward for the Rising Star Power list."

10) Shelby Locklear, account manager, DataBank

Shelby Locklear

As an account manager at DataBank, Locklear possesses a unique blend of technical expertise, leadership skills, and a passion for exceeding expectations.

In her existing role, Locklear manages a diverse range of clients across both the US and Europe. Her dynamic approach to customer engagement has resulted in strengthened relationships and an impressive track record of successful project deliveries. Locklear's regional understanding, coupled with her global perspective, has enabled her to create tailored solutions that cater to the specific needs of each customer.

Prior to joining DataBank, she worked across such verticals as IT staffing, professional services and data management services for the likes of MpowerMe, DigitalQoS and Seamless Advanced Solutions.

The DataBank team credits Locklear as being instrumental in streamlining cross-border processes, resulting in improved service delivery and increased customer satisfaction. Specifically, her efforts have consistently led to enhanced operational efficiency and a notable increase in client retention.

In addition, Locklear's dedication to continuous learning and professional growth sets her apart as a true rising star. She proactively seeks out opportunities to expand her skill set, staying ahead of industry trends and technological advancements. Her passion for innovation and her willingness to embrace new challenges make her an invaluable asset to the industry's ongoing success.

"I wholeheartedly recommend Shelby Locklear for the Rising Star Power List," said Katie O'Hara, vice president, Stream Data Centres. "Her outstanding qualities, remarkable achievements, and exceptional dedication to both her role and the data centre industry make her an ideal candidate for this esteemed honour."

11) Mohamed Al Obeidli, senior analyst, hyperscaler business, E&

Mohamed Al Obeidli

In line with e&’s initiative to hire and train young UAE nationals from the ground up and ensure future continuity, Mohamed Al Obedli was recruited to the carrier & wholesale division of e& as a graduate trainee. From managing telecom operator clients in Middle East and Africa to handling hyperscalers, Al Obedli has emerged as a 'sales wizard' in overseeing and nurturing scores of key clients thus using his keen business and negotiation acumen.

While completing the e& graduate trainee programme in 2022, Al Obedli secured his first ultra-high value sales order by onboarding a key client for the company's SmartHub data centre.

He also managed to win his biggest order in his journey with e&'s international business data team. The total contract value of this order amounted to four times higher than the first order, all achieved with the support of the internal support teams – a demonstration of his great communication skills displayed during the ongoing negotiations. He then later followed this up with closing another big deal with another new customer with a total contract value eight times higher than the first deal.

In 2022, he has signed 20 new deals with a total contract value of 1.5 million AED. While in 2023, he has signed 19 new deals with a total contract value of 5.3 million AED. Aside from securing new revenue from new orders, he has been also able to maintain the company's existing revenues by renewing and upgrading orders with existing value of $US 2 million total contract value.

12) Lisa Ihde, cloud technical resident, Google

Lisa Ihde

As a creative all-rounder from the tech industry, Ihde has impressed with her commitment to promoting young IT talent, empowering other women in the IT, with scientific successes, publications and multiple hackathon wins.

In 2022, she published her third non-fiction book in computer science about Gamedesign; spoke at numerous conferences with thousands of participants in German-speaking countries such as TINCON, Women4Tech, or Summer School of the International Centre for STEM Education (ICSE).

Additionally, she was exhibited as a role model at re:publica as well as at the Open Day of the German Government. She was awarded the ZEISS Women Award for strong women in IT, which is endowed with €5,000, as well as the very first Young Engineering Award of the WomenPower Career Congress from the Hannover Messe. The award recognises a woman in STEM, aged 30 or younger, that has done exceptional work in a technical environment.

If that weren't enough, she was also chosen by Google as a Women Techmakers Ambassador and organised the first Women in Tech conference at the Hasso Plattner Institute as an equal opportunity officer.

Additionally, she organised several Women in Tech talks at her university, for example with female founders from IT like Dr. Naja von Schmude. Her award-winning IoT project Avocato was one of the 5 finalists for the Brandenburg Innovation Award. Lisa finished her master's degree and started a job at Google as a Cloud Technical Resident in Dublin. She was also nominated for Google’s Inspire Award with Women@Ireland in 2023.

13) Daniel Semrau, optical engineer, Infinera

Daniel Semrau

Semrau’s transition from academia into the telecom industry is described as meteoric.

In his role at Infinera in the optical systems group, Semrau is engaged in the full product development cycle from early-stage architecture, product definition and requirements of Infinera’s next generation coherent modems through hardware integration and manufacturing ramp. He is responsible for model development, system and component requirements, performance optimisation trade-offs and analysis that directly improves final product yields.

In a short time, Daniel has established himself as a core contributor to the development of Infinera’s vertically integrated coherent optical engines in a multi-disciplinary role bridging the design of the optics and the Digital Signal Processing Application Specific Integrated Circuits. According to those who work with him, he has an uncanny ability to foreshadow subtle and nuanced effects in the coherent optics that can translate into

significant system penalties.

He then goes a step further to distil the intricate details of these complex problems into a context that can be easily grasped and translated to an actionable product plan. These contributions are best evidenced in Infinera’s recently released ICE-X 400G family of coherent pluggable products.

In addition Semrau is actively engaged in research and publications that build on his academic background in the modelling of nonlinear fibre response in optical transmission systems. He recently co-authored publication at the 2022 European Conference on Optical Communication, entitled Improving Capacity Predictions for Subsea Open Cables Employing Modern Coherent Transceivers. To date he has published thirty-nine papers on coherent optical communications.

14) Patricia Cave, associate, Morgan Lewis & Bockius

 Patricia Cave

Performing at the highest level of legal excellence advising clients through complex high value regulated transactions, Cave has successfully navigated the rapidly changing economic, political and regulatory/policy landscape. Her role has incorporated practical solutions-based legal, regulatory and policy advice to a broad range of clients with strategic priorities across numerous state and federal regulatory agencies. Cave’s representation has expertly addressed the interplay of national security, acquisition, deal diligence, litigation, refinancing, compliance, and enforcement matters to meet clients’ business concerns.

Over the past 12 months, she played a critical role in the complex regulatory approval process for a consortium of funds managed by H.R.L. Morrison in the acquisition of FiberLight, in a transaction that exceeded $US1 billion.

She was also part of the diligence and regulatory approval process for GI Partners in its acquisition of Rise Broadband. Patricia’s assistance enabled the client to avoid a lengthy Team Telecom review which would have significantly delayed approval of the transaction.

If that weren't enough she also carried out extensive due diligence, filings, and regulatory aspects of a convertible note purchase agreement for SDC Capital Partners on its acquisition of Cityside Networks, for an undisclosed sum, as well as other transactions for SDC.

Lastly, she is currently working on the pending acquisition by Palisade Infrastructure of the Washington state assets of Consolidated Communications.

"Patricia continues to thrive in a fast-paced area of the law where the regulations are ever evolving to catch-up with a constantly changing markets and technology innovations," commented Kyla Eastman, senior marketing manager at Morgan Lewis & Bockius.

15) Salman AlOmiri, senior network engineer, Saudi Arabia Ministry of Communications and Information Technology

Salman AlOmiri

1. AlOmiri has been working on numerous of ICT initiatives in Saudi Arabia to help the country and regional markets build an attractive ecosystem. He's also been working with number of government authorities in Saudi and neighbouring countries to overcome the permitting challenges in the Red Sea.

Prior to joining Saudi Arabia Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, AlOmiri worked for Vinnell Arabia, a military knowledge transfer company based in Saudi Arabia, also as senior network engineer.

Prior to this, he secured a bachelor’s degree in electrical and electronics engineering from a King Saud University, between 2010 – 2015. From 2019 -2022, he got his master’s degree in business administration and management.

16) Elisabetta Scalia, junior enterprise network engineer, Sparkle

Elisabetta Scalia

In her role of junior enterprise network engineer, Scalia has demonstrated a natural aptitude for understanding complex technical concepts and for problem-solving. Her in-depth knowledge of the company's network infrastructure, technologies, and processes, coupled by her technical acumen enables her to make data-driven decisions to optimise the company's network performance and enhance customer experience.

As a network engineer, Scalia work spans Sparkle's various network infrastructure including the recently unveiled Genoa Digital Hub data centre, the Panama Digital Gateway, an open, carrier neutral facility that will serve as landing point for Panama brand of the Curie cable, Sparkle's Seabone IP Transit service and the Blue and Raman subsea cables due to go live in 2024.

She manages the most difficult situations in the operations environment. Her attitude helps teams in dealing with complex challenges, building trust and respect through authentic relationships and creating a supportive and psychologically safe environment.

After graduating summa cum laude in Telecommunications Engineering from the University of Catania, she accepted a career opportunity and moved to Rome from Sicily, leaving behind her familiar surroundings to pursue her aspirations of growing in the telecoms field. In addition, she is very committed in empowering other women, actively mentoring and supporting young female engineers, encouraging them to follow their path in a male-dominated sector.

"All these qualities make Scalia an outstanding young talent in the telecoms industry and her value has already been recognised by the company's internal prize, Sparkle Awards - Talent of the Year 2023," said Federica Moroni, VP of communication and quality director at Sparkle.

17) Dora Huang, business development specialist, Telstra International


Huang is part of the business development team for wholesale, OTT and enterprise solutions at Telstra International. She graduated from the University of Hong Kong with a Bachelor of Engineering and Business degree and joined the Telstra Graduate Programme, where she rotated her time at different business units such as product management and sales.

Huang’s contributions in the past 12 months have been instrumental in securing several high-value deals with global and big tech customers, devising strategic long-term agreements with them to increase market penetration and user acquisition.

Praised as an effective communicator and project manager, she has been leading cross functional teams to successful outcomes. Examples include building compelling propositions based on customer requirements for global capacities; and driving capex planning discussions where she seeks to acquire funding for building additional submarine capacity and network infrastructure deployments with external vendors.

Her ability to resolve challenges in the resilience and routing diversities in an agile environment makes her a rising star in her field.

Outside of work, when she is not promoting carrier services and products, Huang participates in volunteering events to support the local communities, such as visiting old folks’ homes and meal distributions to the homeless. She recently gave her time in a community service project to tutor some 100 disadvantaged children in what she calls the "physics of life" to help them get in touch with technology and the benefits it brings to life.

Combining her love for the humanity and technology, Huang has a goal to integrate cutting-edge technology, such as AI, into the capacity industry to add value to customers and the industry.

18) Paola Aguirre Mendez, software engineer, Ufinet

Paola Aguirre Mendez

Aguirre is a software engineer at Ufinet, a role she entered in 2019. During 2022, she led two of the most relevant projects for the company at a technical level. Both projects focused on the integration of Ufinet's platforms directly with its wholesale clients, in order to automate several of the transactions that exist between the companies.

One of the projects consisted of the implementation of the Sonata API that complies with MEF standards and was implemented with one of Ufinet's significant clients. Being a standard in the telecoms industry, it opens the door for any Ufinet customer to interconnect and enable the functionalities defined by the standard.

During this project Aguirre stood out for her leadership and demand for perfection in order to comply with high quality standards defined by the MEF, and placing Ufinet in a privileged position, being one of the few operators in Latin America that had implemented this solution.

Additionally, at the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023, Aguirre led the creation of a new API, with standards defined by Ufinet, which allow its customers in a simplified way, to quote and allocate capacity and internet services.

This solution is focused on those customers who do not use the standard defined by the MEF. In July 2023, one of our main clients was registered on this new Ufinet API, which will be able to quote and award bids. Aguirre's work has been exceptional on these projects and has catapulted Ufinet into the world of global integration.

19) Joy Karanja, project management team leader, WIOCC Group

Untitled design (31).png

Dedicated to continuous improvement and client satisfaction, Karanja is a rising star who has already built a remarkable track record of accomplishments which sets her apart. With her expertise in project management and passion for technological innovation, she has made a significant impact within the telecoms sector.

Karanja leads WIOCC’s project management team and was pivotal to the successful expansion of WIOCC’s connectivity network reach within Africa into new territories, including Malawi, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Zambia, which both boosted businesses and enhanced the quality of life of the citizens of those countries.

She consistently delivers results that surpass expectations and last year delivered tens of millions of dollars in long-term contracts and recurring revenue.

Karanja successfully managed WIOCC's largest project to date - the illumination of 50% of the spectrum on Google’s Equiano cable for one global client and the extension of that client’s spectrum in a number of strategic locations in Europe and Africa.

She also spearheaded the delivery of services on the Equiano cable system, achieving outstanding day one activations of 600Gbp, demonstrating her high level of technical proficiency and project coordination expertise.

Also, her involvement in philanthropic endeavours showcases her strong sense of social responsibility and desire to create a positive impact on society. Her passion for education and

women's empowerment aligns with her drive for professional excellence, making her a true inspiration to those around her.

In all, its her dedication, communication prowess, collaborative spirit and ability to navigate complexities that make her a rising star.

20) Matt Gwyther

Matt Gwyther

Gwyther plays a key role within the fibre engineering and outside plant department and is integral to the success of Zayo Europe's operations team. He joined Zayo in 2016 as a contractor to assist the fibre engineering design team whilst working with one of Zayo's construction partners in London.

His skills were quickly recognised within the organisation and he was asked to join Zayo as a full-time member of the company. Since then, Gwyther has worked hard to become a fibre design engineer in a short time and his knowledge, attitude and dedication is highly respected and admired by colleagues, suppliers and customers alike.

Zayo Europe's operations team have announced a number of new connectivity projects including a new 400G enabled route connecting Paris and Marseille, the Zeus subsea cable and a new direct network route between Manchester and New York with its new trans-Atlantic subsea cable.

He is described as having an excellent work ethic which has leant to him being engaged in the most challenging build projects delivering fibre networks and managing contract engineers across different European geographies.

The confidence that senior management have in Gwyther often leads to him being put forward as the main representative and 'face of fibre engineering' in front of Zayo's very high-profile customers.

In addition to Gwyther creating his own success, he often puts himself forward to help with quality improving ideas for the benefit of the company and its customers and he is always willing to spend time to assist colleagues and help train new members of the team.

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