NetIX strengthens its position and connections to the Asia Pacific region to offer broader global solutions
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NetIX strengthens its position and connections to the Asia Pacific region to offer broader global solutions

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NetIX, a global distributed platform for connectivity and peering solutions has announced partnerships with two APAC-based network service providers.

Its partnerships with PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia International (Telin) and Epsilon Group are designed to enhance each of the three network providers footprint in the market where they are the strongest. 

Under the terms of the partnership, Telin will be able to benefit from NetIX’s broad range of connectivity and peering services with an enhanced focus across Europe, and NetIX will be able to access services, networks, and customers across Asia. 

Whilst NetIX, part of the Neterra Group, operates a global network, it has an incredibly strong position and footprint across central and eastern Europe. NetIX said that Telin is the leading provider of telecom services across Indonesia and Epsilon is well-known for its network across Asia Pacific and western Europe. 

NetIX said that when combined, these partnerships will enable customers to gain unparalleled access into these regions and benefit from all three service providers. 

"Europe is one of our company's key focus areas for future business expansion. This collaboration underscores Telin's commitment to strengthening Telkom's position as a digital telecommunications company that creates greater value for its stakeholders,” said Kharisma, Chief Commercial Officer of Telin

“It also aims to maximise opportunities, enhance competitiveness, and foster value creation in addressing future challenges in the telecommunications industry." 

Neven Dilkov, founder and CEO of NetIX said “Telin is a very important partner for his company in the development of the Asia Pacific region.” 

He continued, “This partnership brings the NetIX value into the very well-developed Indonesian market and enriches Telin with some of our unique value proposals that will be used for their global needs.” 

NetIX said its partnership with Epsilon Telecommunications will further boost its presence in APAC. 

As a global software-defined network provider, NetIX said Epsilon is able to offer a comprehensive suite of end-to-end connectivity and communication solutions, including colocation and voice services. 

In mid-September, Epsilon completed uploading over 220 NetIX locations and peering services into its its network as a service platform, Infiny. Espilon also added all of Neterra’s, locations and services into the platform. 

“There is a clear communication flow between our organisations, which is very reassuring and gives me peace of mind. We have strong relationships at every level, and there is a true spirit of partnership. Our strengths in differing areas complement each other, which allows us to offer and deliver service excellence to our customers,” commented Viktoria Kalocsai, Alliances Manager at Epsilon Telecommunications

NetIX has always been a key player in connectivity, Internet Exchanges, and peering enablement, not just by connecting new members and reaching new traffic peaks, but also with regards to supporting users and adding new services and partnerships they could benefit from. It’s this attitude that has helped NetIX earn and secure the title of “Best Peering Operator of the Year - 2023” at the CC Global Awards 2023. 

This forward-thinking attitude towards business combined with Neterra’s long list of network-enhancing services like dark fibre, satellite Internet services, selling and leasing IPv4 addresses, cloud services along with Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) and Broadband Internet Access (BIA) makes Neterra and its group of companies the clear choice as your unparalleled connectivity provider.

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