MEF launch enterprise leadership council at Global NaaS event

MEF launch enterprise leadership council at Global NaaS event

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MEF, a global industry association of network, cloud, security, and technology providers accelerating enterprise digital transformation, today announced the formation of an Enterprise Leadership Council (ELC).

The ELC will bring important end user perspective and involvement to MEF, with representatives from major industry verticals such as Finance, Retail, Healthcare and Media.

The first four members of the council are Nabil Bitar, head of network architecture, office of the CTO at Bloomberg, Christian Carmody, CTO and senior VP of information technology division at UPMC, Raleigh Mann, SVP technology at Williams Sonoma and Neal Secher, vice president, head of network services at TD Bank.

"We are excited to welcome these accomplished executives to MEF’s new Enterprise Leadership Council. For over two decades, MEF's strength has stemmed from collaborative efforts by its members, board leaders and more recently its technology advisory board (TAB), in solving shared business challenges,” said Nan Chen, President of MEF.

"The insights and expertise of these senior executives will be invaluable as we work to accelerate enterprise digital transformation".

"We are excited to work together to develop innovative solutions that meet the needs of our members and their customers," Chen added.

MEF said the work of the leadership council will help them deliver meaningful value for enterprises by providing actionable ideas and knowledge to help in the execution of cloud, network infrastructure, and security projects.

ELC members will serve a one-year term and were selected for their extensive experience and domain expertise.

The four members are speaking on a panel session later today at the event.

Speaking to media and analysts yesterday, Chen said the inclusion of enterprises would close the circle as the full NaaS ecosystem would be represented in the organisations work.

A MEF executive also told Capacity that the majority of feedback from the end user enterprises had up until now been filtered through MEF’s service provider members.

Closing the loop, by formerly including enterprises would lead to better decision making more aligned with end user goals, they said.