Digital Realty offers interconnectivity to Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud

Digital Realty offers interconnectivity to Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud

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Digital Realty is to offer connectivity to the recently launched Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud via Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) FastConnect.

Users will now benefit from secure and reliable connectivity to the Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud regions in Frankfurt and Madrid and can use Digital Realty to interconnect their Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud-based applications and workloads to other cloud platforms.

“Reliable connectivity is necessary for critical, high bandwidth workloads like analytics, artificial intelligence, data warehousing, and streaming,” said Yogesh Kaushik, vice president of product management, networking services at Oracle.

“With OCI FastConnect, customers can achieve high service levels and reliably high throughput in their network connection to Oracle Cloud. Partners like Digital Realty play a key role in supporting the hybrid multi-cloud solutions that our customers expect.”

Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud gives customers access to OCI’s public cloud services, with additional control over their data privacy and sovereignty requirements. Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud also offers customers the services and capabilities of OCI's public cloud regions with the same rates, support, and service level agreements (SLAs) to run all workloads.

The OCI FastConnect interconnection to Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud is enabled by Digital Realty’s interconnection and orchestration solution called ServiceFabric, which also extends access to Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud from more than 130 global locations.

“As more organisations harness the power of the cloud, prioritising data protection, reliability, latency and compliance become mission critical. We believe that embracing the cloud should not come at the cost of compromising data privacy or facing regulatory hurdles,” said Harm Joosse, global head of strategy & business segments for service providers at Digital Realty.

“With Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud, businesses can unlock the full potential of digital transformation while adhering to the highest standards of data protection and sovereignty. We’re delighted to work with Oracle to drive demand for its new Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud and to enable our joint customers to seamlessly and securely interconnect to OCI FastConnect and other cloud platforms.”

In addition to OCI FastConnect connectivity to Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud in Madrid, Digital Realty currently hosts nine other OCI FastConnect points-of-presence, including Amsterdam, Chicago, Frankfurt, Johannesburg, Los Angeles, London, Madrid, Marseille, and Sao Paulo.

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