Deutsche Telekom expands Lambda network with new connection to London

Deutsche Telekom expands Lambda network with new connection to London

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The new route will connect London with Ostend and increase cross-channel reliability.

Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier has announced an upgrade to its Lambda network, adding an additional route across the English Channel between London and continental Europe.

The new route between London and Ostend in Belgium is in addition to existing routes between London and Paris and Amsterdam.

The Lambda Network, a high-bandwidth optical service which delivers cross-continental connectivity, is described by Deutsche Telekom as being a cost-effective alternative to building a private network.

The network provides flexible optical services based on dense wavelength-division multiplexing (DWDM) technology, up to 400G.

Deutsche Telekom have also implemented Ciena’s WaveLogic technology, which allows different wavelengths to be transmitted over a single fibre. Deutsche Telekom has also partnered with Ciena to utilise 400GE which allows for higher capacity and scale while reducing management tasks compared to 4 x 100GE.

This means the German carrier can offer 1G, 10G, 100G and 400G across the entire network, leading to low latency, high capacity, scalability, sustainability, redundancy, and reliability.

“The three routes connecting London to continental Europe significantly support the region’s efficient exchange of traffic,” Deutsche Telekom’s head of international sales, network infrastructure solutions, Beatrix Kapitany, said.

Three routes are necessary and are quickly becoming standard in the industry for critical point of presence locations, in order to avoid possible network interruptions, Deutsche Telekom said.

By adding the third route, which it describes as critical infrastructure, Deutsche Telekom claims it has enhanced protection and can avoid any negative impacts.

“We are especially proud to have implemented this third route, which will further increase the stability of customer services. But of course, we will not stop here and will soon follow up with additional routes for other locations to support the growth of our clients,” Kapitany continued.

The new route between London and Ostend comes in addition to another new route that Deutsche Telekom added last month between Bulgaria and Croatia and a new point of presence in Balchik, Bulgaria, which it claims was a gateway on the shortest route between Europe and Asia.

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