Vodafone, Ericsson trial cloud gaming on 5G SA slice

Vodafone, Ericsson trial cloud gaming on 5G SA slice

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Vodafone and Ericsson have completed a live network trial at Coventry University which demonstrates the impact an optimised 5G Standalone (SA) network slice could have on mobile gaming.

Both mobile and console gaming has become dominated by the cloud in recent years, but the two platforms offer diverse types of content.

Mobile gaming is less immersive as today’s wireless connectivity services would struggle to deliver the desired experience for more complex content.

Using network slicing, Vodafone can customise connectivity services for specific customers and use cases.

And a trial shows that participants were able to experience more consistent gaming connectivity with a 270% increase in download performance, a 25% decrease in latency and 57% less jitter.

Andrea Dona, chief network officer at Vodafone UK said: “5G Standalone is not an upgrade on 4G, but an entirely new type of technology.

“Through this trial, we provided a slice of connectivity, customised specifically for gaming, to provide a full fibre like experience over the airwaves.

“This is the value of network slicing – a more personalised connectivity service to make digital more in-tune with each customer.”

The trial, Vodafone says, demonstrates the importance of 5G SA and network slicing to deliver 5G use cases and experiences.

Vodafone and Three UK will combine to invest £11 billion in network upgrades over the next decade, taking 5G SA to 99% of populated areas by 2034.

Blessing Makumbe, VP and head of digital services for Ericsson UK & Ireland added: “A mobile network powered by 5G standalone technology and offering associated services like network slicing are the ultimate next step in meeting connectivity demands from consumers and businesses.

“Creating tailored network quality with requirements on speed, latency and reliability not only offers the premium performance needed to satisfy the applications and services of the future, but also gives leading operators like Vodafone the opportunity to offer innovative services to enter new markets and expand their business.”

In April, Makumbe spoke to Capacity exclusively for the second episode of The C-suite Hotseat.

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