delivers ultra-low latency networking services across its network
News delivers ultra-low latency networking services across its network

Aerial panoramic city view of Lower Manhattan. Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges over East River, New York, USA. Social media hologram. Concept of networking and establishing new people connections has unveiled ultra-low latency routes in South America, Europe Middle East and Africa, and Asia-Pacific to support the global connectivity of key verticals.

The new diverse geographic routing will offer customers new levels of uptime and redundancy. The news comes as continues to commission and build low latency links from the ground up to give cloud, gaming and high-frequency trading (HFT) verticals access to new and emerging markets.

“We are working in an environment where latency is more valuable than ever to organisations and network providers alike. It’s never been more important to serve emerging digital industries and technologies with a consistent network that connects to both global and local markets,” said George Szlosarek, CEO at

“The ever-growing use of cloud services requires dedicated, reliable and low latency connectivity for best application performance and customer experience. It’s a natural next step for us to move into these unique verticals and markets as part of our mission to give everyone a connected future.”’s low latency route networks enable its customers to bolster customer experience for its end users by ensuring uninterrupted communication as well as enabling data to be accessed and transmitted more efficiently.

“There is an increasing demand for cloud, HFT and gaming services which in turn, require greater levels of reliability and ultra-low latency for maximum customer experience," added Szlosarek.

"Our expert team has taken a specialised approach to building these networks and ensuring they operate at maximum performance levels. Last year, we opened the first of our ultra-low latency routes from Istanbul to Frankfurt. We’re proud to now be operating in the Middle East, South America and in the near future, Asia.”'s portfolio of services include SD-WAN reach to over 180 countries, cloud connectivity and managed security services, as well as SDN over its private network connecting over 120 point of presence in 56+ cities.

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