SES selected to boost Taiwan infrastructure

SES selected to boost Taiwan infrastructure

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SES Luxembourg has joined forces with Taiwan to fortify its telecoms infrastructure during potential conflicts.

According to the Ministry of Digital Affairs (MODA), SES has been confirmed as a cooperation partner for the project, which includes the establishment of 773 satellite terminals at home and abroad by the end of 2024.

The programme is for the digital resilience validation of emerging technologies for contingency or wartime applications, which aims to confirm the feasibility of using a nonsynchronous satellite network as an emergency backup network.

The collaboration is part of a two-year plan to enhance its digital resilience and ensure seamless communication in challenging scenarios.

The two will aim to test the effectiveness of non-geostationary satellite infrastructure in ensuring uninterrupted communication during conflicts.

The programme will mainly rely on LEO satellites to maintain internet connectivity in the event of an emergency.

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