Elisa and Wind River deploy first fully automated edge data centre

Elisa and Wind River deploy first fully automated edge data centre

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Elisa Oyj (Elisa) confirms the successful deployment of its first fully automated edge data centre, the second edge site to go into commercial production this year.

This project combines the Wind River Studio Cloud Platform as the Kubernetes solution for managing cloud infrastructure, User Plane Function (UPF) application from Elisa’s current 5G core vendor, and the Wind River Studio Conductor, a platform that delivers a single pane of glass to manage and automate applications deployment in large-scale distributed environments.

"We are delighted to continue our efficient collaboration with Wind River and take the first fully automated edge data centre into commercial service. Constant automation development is our key to future success," said Markus Kinnunen, vice president of cloud services at Elisa.

"Combined with Wind River´s distributed cloud capabilities, we are able to further improve our customer satisfaction by reducing the time to deploy and adding the quality of the process. This strengthens Elisa’s position as the leading digital service provider in automating operations and edge deployments."

The biggest benefits of this new infrastructure are time to prepare, time to deploy and quality of the process.

On the first, time to prepare, the biggest advantages came from parameter settings and environment preparation work. The team was able to execute hundreds of tests and scripts before going into live network in the same amount of time that it would typically take to manually run much fewer tests in the traditional model.

As for, time to deploy, the overall operator time, which is measured in terms of staff-hours, for commissioning the edge DC site from preparation, parameter settings to complete installation and testing are reduced by 90% compared to doing the same tasks manually. At the same time, the overall deployment time is reduced by approximately 50% due to the automation of the processes.

Lastly, automation enables multiple tasks to be run in parallel with minimal probability of human errors, reducing time to service and enhancing network quality.

“As a leader in the 5G landscape that powers the majority of 5G vRAN/O-RAN deployments with global operators, our Wind River Studio capabilities address service providers’ complex challenge of deploying and managing a physically distributed, ultra-low latency cloud-native infrastructure,” said Avijit Sinha, chief product officer at Wind River.

“Elisa is an innovator, and with their recent milestone, they are helping to advance the industry.”

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