Zayo unveils latest infrastructure expansions

Zayo unveils latest infrastructure expansions

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Zayo Group continues confirms the expansion of its infrastructure footprint with continued investment in its global network.

Specifically, the company has announced a series of expansions to its independent fibre network infrastructure, including new long-haul dark fibre routes, increased fibre capacity for existing routes, additional 400 Gbps (400G)-enabled routes and new IP points of presence (PoPs).

“The network our future requires does not exist today. A digital-first world requires continued and intentional investment in infrastructure, of which Zayo is leading the charge," said Bill Long, chief product officer at Zayo.

"Our continued expansion and modernisation of our long-haul dark fibre, wavelength, and Tier-1 IP infrastructure is critical in ensuring our customers have the speed, resilience and flexibility they need in their network to stay ahead of this increasing digital demand.”

In April, Zayo unveiled plans to grow and upgrade its network, including the addition of nearly 3,000 route miles and more than 700,000 fibre miles to its global network. The company has begun construction on these new long-haul dark fibre routes which are built entirely underground to for added security and redundancy.

These long-haul dark fibre routes include St. Louis to Indianapolis, which bypasses the heavily trafficked Chicago metro area with four In-Line Amplification (ILA) sites along the route.

The second is a Chicago to Omaha Overbuild that includes a new high fibre count cable that connects 11 ILA sites in strategic markets delivering more capacity.

In addition, the company has modernised four new 400G-enabled routes that went live in Q2 of 2023 with two more slated for completion in Q3.

Through this, Zayo is expanding high-bandwidth options between key cities, including: Las Vegas to Phoenix, Kansas City to Indianapolis, Dallas to East St Louis, Albany to Boston, Denver to Dallas (due for completion in Q3 2023) and Atlanta to DC (due for completion in Q3 2023).

At the same time, Zayo has bolstered its infrastructure with new IP PoPs, at 14 neutral data centres in Q1 and nine in Q2 across North America.

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