atNorth launches sixth Nordic data centre  

atNorth launches sixth Nordic data centre  


atNorth confirms that its third Iceland data centre, ICE03, is now fully operational with an initial capacity of 10MW, following its 11-month build.

This latest launch brings their total number of operational data centres up to six, with one additional site, FIN02, in Finland currently under construction.

“We are delighted to be expanding our presence in the Nordics once again with a third site in Iceland” said Eyjólfur Magnús Kristinsson, CEO, atNorth.

“With six operational sites across three Nordic countries and another in development, our commitment to meet increasing demand in the industry through continued expansion is evidenced. Furthermore, our dedication to sustainable best practice supports our goal to become the service provider of choice for eco-friendly high-performance infrastructure."

The site is located in a highly strategic position. Iceland is an ideal location for data centres, largely due to its access to a highly skilled workforce and cool climate, required for cost-effective cooling of data centre infrastructure.

The country also has an energy supply run on a closed grid powered by 100% renewable hydro and geothermal energy sources. Iceland also benefits from fully redundant connectivity and now boasts multiple subsea cables connecting the country to the UK, Ireland, North America, and mainland Scandinavia.

The ICE03 facility also has the possibility to be expanded up to 50MW and is located 250km north of Reykjavík. This geographical separation adds resilience in terms of disaster recovery and enhanced security.

Additionally, the town of Akureyri is an established technology hub and the new centre will create job opportunities to an already highly skilled workforce.

Lastly, ICE03 being only 10 minutes from an international airport creates a new joint opportunity for atNorth to deliver high precision services to European businesses as these businesses look to decarbonise and migrate IT operations cost-efficiently.

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