Obelisk accelerates UK growth with acquisition of Balfour Beatty telecoms division

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The Irish company’s newly expanded geographical footprint will see them delivering turnkey infrastructure solutions for clients in the UK & Irish telecoms and energy sectors.

Engineering services business, Obelisk, has announced the acquisition of the telecoms division of leading international infrastructure group, Balfour Beatty.

Acquiring new UK headquarters offices in Southampton, Obelisk will retain Balfour Beatty’s existing team of employees and partners. The team is led by Philip Fensom.

Speaking on the deal, Obelisk CEO Ronnie Delaney commented, “We are very pleased to welcome the telecoms team from Balfour Beatty, who together have delivered consistently in this sector for clients such as EE, Cellnex, Cornerstone and Vodafone.”

Fensom added to Delaney’s comments that, I along with my fellow team members look forward to working with the Obelisk team, to continue to deliver successfully, and assume new challenges as the business goes from strength to strength

Obelisk is keen to grow its UK business and extend its services in fixed line, mobile and energy services. The addition of the new department it purchased from Balfour Beaty is the first acquisition Obelisk has made since itself being acquired by Constructel Visabeira in 2022.

At the time, being a part of the wider Constructel Visabeira group gave Obelisk access to new markets including UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, and the US.

Combining the expertise of these entities, Obelisk aims to extend its service offering, technical capacity and scope for innovation.

Further moves to grow the business could be on the cards. “Obelisk will continue to accelerate new growth opportunities in these sectors, going beyond connection to invest in and expand our skilled workforce across the UK and Ireland, and offer more complete solutions for our clients in new and existing markets,” said Delaneyin a press release.

Obelisk was founded in 1997 and according to its website delivered approximately 40% of the mobile infrastructure in Ireland. The services the company offers to telecoms and critical assets companies includes survey, design, building, upgrade and maintenance of telecoms infrastructure.

Prior to the Balfour Beatty acquisition, the company reported 300 employees and offices in UK, South Africa and Ireland.