SGS Telekom launches organic IoT product

SGS Telekom launches organic IoT product


SGS Telekom has launched the Smart Power Connector (SPC), a smart power strip which allows customers can use to remotely manage networking devices.

"SPC (under the brand name SGS CONNECT), is a leading-edge IoT product which provides opportunity for telecom and IT service providers and C-level executives to streamline and efficiently manage their networks, while reducing OPEX budget, increasing customers ROI and gaining extra share of the market wallet," said John Dhar, VP of global sales and marketing for SGS Telekom.

“We are now a key global player in IoT space with our own organic product."

SPC devices have the ability to monitor existing internet connectivity and automatically reboot any plugged devices if the connectivity is lost.

The platform is designed to work seamlessly with existing network equipment. As it is a standalone IoT device, it does not have any specific external hardware requirements, reducing external dependency.

The data captured by SPC can be integrated with any ticketing system to manage and maintain the issues in the enterprise system. The reports and analytical data can be exported from the web portal only.

SPC is designed to simplify complex processes, freeing up time for network administrators to focus on complex issues.

A recent study from the company found that 60% of tickets are resolved by rebooting the networking devices resulting in saving 90 man-hours annually.

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