Infinera announces successful completion of simulated intercity network trial

Infinera announces successful completion of simulated intercity network trial

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The trial delivered a leading-edge 61.3 terabits per second (Tbps) of unregenerated data transmission capacity on a fibre pair over the equivalent of 1,240 route kilometres between Melbourne and Sydney.

Infinera declared simulated intercity network trial for Telstra InfraCo’s intercity fibre a success.

The network trial demonstrated the performance capability of the express network, which is part of the intercity fibre network Telstra InfraCo is building across Australia.

The trial was performed with real-world configurations, including 1,240 kilometres of ultra-low-loss fibre simulating one of Telstra InfraCo’s planned express Melbourne-Sydney routes.

 Telstra InfraCo’s express network is designed to be a high-performance national network for customers who need reliable, ultra-high bandwidth between capital cities and international submarine cable landing stations. The company say that for hyperscalers, global cloud providers, content companies, and governments, this means access to scalable high capacity and more direct routes, with optional route redundancy.

 “Based on these results, Telstra InfraCo’s express network and overall intercity fibre build will lead the world in scale, low latency, and high data transmission performance rate,” said Kathryn Jones, fibre executive at Telstra InfraCo.

 “The simulation exceeds our expectations, offering almost seven times today’s typical capacity of 8.8 Tbps per fibre pair and validates our selection of Corning’s SMF-28 ULL fibre in the cable design. This will enable Telstra to develop market-leading solutions for our customers today and for years to come – a key element of Telstra’s ambitious T25 strategy and transformation goals.”

“To meet the rigorous demands of a vast network over Australia’s unique terrain, Telstra InfraCo needed fiber infrastructure with advanced bend capability and minimal signal loss to deliver ultra-high cable capacity. That’s why they turned to Corning,” said Sharon Bois, division vice president, product line and marketing, corning optical fibre and cable. “Our SMF-28® ULL fibre with advanced bend is designed to meet exactly those needs.”

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