GasLINE to offer dark fibre capacity across the German border

GasLINE to offer dark fibre capacity across the German border

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Infrastructure provider, GasLINE, has rolled out a dark fibre network across Germany.

GasLINE, who have operated for more than 25 years, has deployed a huge dark fibre network across Germany.

 The company has a nationwide fibre network covering over 32,000km. GasLINE has network interconnections to cross-regional fibre-optic infrastructures in cities and to network operators in neighbouring countries.

The needs of the telecoms market in terms of connectivity often include network capacities to connect Germany with neighbouring countries.

Dedicated cooperation projects with infrastructure partners allow GasLINE to market dark fibre capacities in the Netherlands, in Switzerland and in Denmark.

A large number of regional, national and international carriers are using the dark fibre network provided by GasLINE as well as large over-the-top players with advanced network requirements.

 “We can provide dark fibre capacity from various locations in Germany directly to the AMS-IX internet node as a one-stop shop with a single point of contact for the customer”, emphasises Wolfram Rinner, Managing Director of GasLINE GmbH & Co. KG.

The company has committed to extending its nationwide fibre-optic cable network by an additional 5,500km by 2026.

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