IPv4.Global launches IP address audit tool

IPv4.Global launches IP address audit tool

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IPv4.Global has today announced it will be releasing ReView, a first-of-its-kind digital IP address audit tool next week at RIPE 86.

ReView was developed in collaboration with 6connect, the authors of a provisioning and IP management software.

The new audit tool from the company allows network operators and administrators to quickly and easily gain visibility of their IP address allocations and more effectively manage their records.

ReView allows users to understand how their IP addresses are allocated and assigned.

While many companies have turned to IP address management (IPAM) software to help them manage IP address allocations in increasingly dynamic networks, a significant portion still attempt to track their IP addresses manually.

Ineffective manual management of IP addresses results in an increased risk of service interruptions, creating potential security risks and making updates to the network more time consuming.

IPv4.Global’s ReView delivers the information needed to optimise network efficiency and unlock cost savings.

“Efficiently utilizing IP address space streamlines operations and reduces costs, sometimes even generating revenue,” said Lee Howard, SVP of IPv4.Global.

“Our new audit tool – a first-of-its-kind – lets network managers review how their address blocks are used, allowing them to renumber if necessary, so they can more efficiently plan to acquire new space or divest unneeded blocks more effectively.”

With well-organised IP blocks, network administrators can easily group devices with the same rules and permissions into consecutive addresses or blocks.

This ensures faster network updates and reduces the likelihood of accidentally creating security risks by omitting devices from updates.

Additionally, network expansion is more efficient as new addresses can be rolled out quickly and optimally.

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