NGN Fiber unveils Frankfurt to Berlin dark fibre route


NGN Fiber Network has announced a major infrastructure expansion with the shortest dark fibre route between Frankfurt and Berlin.

"By leveraging our extensive network infrastructure, NGN has deployed a dark fiber route that is significantly shorter than any other existing dark fiber route between Frankfurt and Berlin." said Johannes Pichler, CEO of NGN.

“Our team has worked hard to create the shortest possible dark fiber route between Frankfurt and Berlin.

“For example, we shortened the route between Interxion Frankfurt and Vantage Berlin by more than 20 kilometers,” he added.

“This is particularly beneficial for companies that rely on ultra-low latency connectivity, such as those in the Financial and trading industries, Hyperscalers and datacentres”.

The firm continues to add new routes to its network. Last year the company added 1,500km of new routes to its network footprint.

NGN’s German nationwide open fibre optic network stretches over 20,000km.

This year, one of its new routes between Saarbrücken and Frankfurt will enable another short low latency route between Paris and Frankfurt.