RETN achieves record time provisioning using Infinera

RETN achieves record time provisioning using Infinera

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RETN achieves record-timing provision of multi-terabit bandwidth on the Nordic-Eastern Europe route, using Infinera's ICE6 optic engine.

The record was achieved when RETN was asked to deliver large capacity on a custom-specific route for an unnamed multinational technology client, providing route diversity from other suppliers between the Nordics and Eastern Europe.

Other providers typically take approximately six months to do so, but the customer only a little over a month to deploy and test capacity.

With the customer's existing routes to its data centre RETN was tasked with building a unique route to not reliant on the customer's existing infrastructure, including an alternative entry point to the data centre.

RETN was able to leverage its recently launched metro network rings to meet the customer’s requirements.

“Choosing the right vendor is always the key to successful network development and operation," said Yurii Polovyi, head of European operations and deputy COO at RETN.

"RETN had chosen Infinera as the primary vendor more than 15 years ago to always align with the latest generation of DWDM/OTN equipment. Infinera ICE6 optic engine based on the GX G42 platform helps RETN to achieve the best possible spectral efficiency with the shortest provision time.”

To meet the hyperscale capacity needs of its customers, RETN relies on a high-performance, multi-terabit optical transport solution from Infinera comprised of the photonically integrated ICE6 optical engine, GX G42 compact modular platform, and FlexILS open optical line system.

Designed to support current and future capacity demands, the Infinera solution enables RETN to achieve market-leading reach, lowest power consumption per kilometre, and maximum spectral efficiency, with more than 80Tbs of capacity over a single fibre pair.

In addition, the project required both endpoints to be off-net with RETN having to add them to its ROADM network which is based on the Infinera FLEXILS system that allows quick deployment and integration of new locations with the existing network.

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