HGC picks Telesmart.io to simplify numbering services

HGC picks Telesmart.io to simplify numbering services


Telesmart.io has been selected by HGC Global Communications (HGC) for its inventory management solution as it looks to simplify numbering services.

Using Telesmart.io’s cloud-based platform, HGC will gain end-end automation of numbering orders, provisioning, routing and porting.

HGC can fully integrate Telesmart.io capabilities into its existing systems and begin serving customers through it instantly.

HGC is able to integrate a range of modules and features for specific customer needs while directly benefiting from the growing opportunity in the virtual number business.

“HGC needs agility, and we provide that, to turn order requests into live traffic in under 10 seconds. We’re streamlining the end-to-end service experience, meaning HGC can continue serving their global customers with efficiency and precision,” said Neil Kitcher, co-founder at Telesmart.io.

“The company is incredibly well-respected internationally, and we’re excited that Telesmart.io can take its solutions to the next level.”

As a Telesmart.io partner, HGC will have access to the platform’s Dynamic Provider feature, allowing the operator to offer customers an extensive choice of numbering options.

To avoid allocating resources inefficiently in an expensive, unused inventory, the company says it can access numbers in an all-in-one platform as required.

“With so many providers in the market, customer experience is a huge differentiator. HGC prides itself on going above and beyond for the customers it serves, and we’re confident that by working with Telesmart.io, we’re doing just that,” said Carrie Chan, VP of cloud communication and voice services at HGC.

“With API integration, our customers are benefitting from Telesmart.io’s solution while we maintain full control over analytics and routing capabilities. It’s a win-win for us, and we look forward to seeing how the partnership grows.”

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