Etisalat Egypt by e& and IDT Global launch unlimited calls from Canada and the US to Egypt

Etisalat Egypt by e& and IDT Global launch unlimited calls from Canada and the US to Egypt

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Etisalat Egypt by e& and IDT Global, a division of IDT Corporation (NYSE: IDT) have today announced a joint retail voice initiative.

The initiative will enable IDT’s BOSS Revolution customers in the US and Canada to make unlimited calls to up to ten Egyptian customers.

Using the Etisalat mobile network, BOSS Revolution customers can make as many calls as they wish for 30 days for a set price.

Hossam ElMeadawy who is chief corporate affairs officer of Etisalat Egypt by e&, said of the initiative: “Etisalat Egypt by e& is glad to announce the launch of a new International Voice Calling product for North America.

Etisalat is the leading technology company in the Egyptian market. Such a product is considered to be the most competitive and substantial retail offer available.

“The new product launch is in line with our company’s strategic direction - enriching our customers’ lives and enabling them to be constantly connected to their families and friends through premium quality calls.

“This offer would not have been accomplished without the collaboration with IDT Global, who enabled and facilitated the reach to a wider spectrum of international communities through the company’s already strong retail presence in the North American market. Etisalat Egypt by e& is looking forward to further collaboration with IDT in this market and other markets as well.”

Nick Ford, president of IDT Global added: "We are delighted to have a direct, strategic partnership with Etisalat Egypt by e& on this product.

"Strategic initiatives like this allow us to deliver more value to our customers by offering UNLIMITED calling plans - something that is impossible with traditional telecom pricing models.

"IDT and Etisalat Egypt by e& successfully collaborated by combining IDT's deep understanding of our customers and Etisalat's willingness to leverage our retail assets.

"Both parties are proud to bring a highly competitive and great value product to Egyptians in North America who want to stay in touch with their family and friends.

Customers will be able to enjoy direct calls without interruption or any hidden charges. They can take advantage of this offer by purchasing the calling plan on the Boss Revolution Calling app, or at any BOSS Revolution retailers.

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