i3forum aims to restore trust with new initiative

i3forum aims to restore trust with new initiative

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i3forum has launched a new initiative, which it says will restore trust in the international communications industry.

As part of the launch, which will first focus on voice traffic, i3forum has established four goals in a globally coordinated international effort to reduce spoofing, spam and unwanted illegal communications and restore trust in voice services.

The firm also aims to enable trusted calls with trust identifiers and enable voice and messaging convergence.

“In the face of surging threats and attacks amid increased digitisation, we are facing an international communications crisis on a global scale.

“Origination identifiers are being plagued by surging fraud volumes and sophisticated attacks, and there’s misuse and lack of trust,” said Philippe Milet, founder and chairman of i3forum.

“A paradigm shift is needed in our approach to tackling issues and recommendations. Associations are well positioned to help solve many challenges that impact the international ecosystem, but only if they work together.

“They’re like jigsaw pieces and if we don’t work together properly with one another and towards the same picture then we can never truly solve the puzzle and challenge.

“Better yet, by working together from the outset, we can help to influence what the landscape may even look like.”

i3forum is looking to achieve its mission to restore trust by helping to establish standardised guidance and solutions, a self-regulated framework with levels of compliance monitoring and enforcement, and joint regulatory activity between the i3forum, associations, industry stakeholders, and National Regulatory Agencies (NRAs).

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