DE-CIX expands global presence to Mexico

DE-CIX expands global presence to Mexico

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DE-CIX has made its market entry into Mexico with a distributed Internet Exchange located in Mexico City and Santiago de Querétaro.

The new facilities will provide a data centre and interconnection platform for Internet service providers, content delivery networks, network operators, cloud service providers, and enterprises.

“The millions of users in Mexico deserve digital services of state-of-the-art quality. This requires the best infrastructure possible, interconnected in low latency and localising content, cloud, and applications as close as possible to the end users, for both private and business purposes. We are delighted to have KIO Data Centers for our entry into this important market,” said Ivo Ivanov, CEO of DE-CIX.

“Mexico currently still lacks a strong Internet Exchange and harmonised interconnection ecosystem. DE-CIX is ready to serve the growing demand for interconnection with not only peering but also modern enterprise-grade interconnection services, such as cloud connectivity and direct access to cloud-based applications. This will unleash the potential of the digital economy by providing better performance and user experience of content and applications, and affordable and high-quality Internet access for enterprises and individuals.”

The new Internet Exchange is DE-CIX's 45th globally and will be hosted in the data centres of KIO Data Centres, it due to become ready for service in early 2024. Further data centres from additional operators will be enabled in the near future, extending the company’s reach in-country.

DE-CIX Mexico will be directly connected to the interconnection ecosystem of DE-CIX Dallas allowing low latency and high-performance access to North American clouds, content, and applications. The new IX will be integrated into the North American and global DE-CIX ecosystem will access to the company's full portfolio of DE-CIX services from the ouset.

“We want to welcome DECIX to the Mexican market and we feel honoured that the KIO platform was chosen as the best option to host the DECIX platform," added Santiago Suinaga, CEO of KIO Data Centers.

"Neutrality is one of our core business pillars and we welcome more added-value services to be provided to all members of our ecosystem. It’s great to see the Mexican market continuously attracting investment in the digital space.”

The KIO QRO1 data centre will be enabled in Santiago de Querétaro, and KIO MEX2, MEX4, and MEX5 will be taken into operation in Mexico City.

The growing local ecosystem of cloud service providers in Mexico that includes AWS, Microsoft, Oracle, and Google, among others, already in-country or planning their market entrance – will have expanded access to North American cloud zones, and by enabling enterprise networks to directly connect to clouds over the DE-CIX Cloud Exchange.

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