Gamma unveils managed SD-WAN service using Highlight and Meraki

Gamma unveils managed SD-WAN service using Highlight and Meraki


Gamma has introduced a new managed service for the Cisco Meraki SD-WAN solution, augmented by the Highlight Service Assurance platform.

Together, the Meraki SD-WAN and Highlight platform enables Gamma to deliver a fully integrated managed SD-WAN service at scale across multi-site, multi-vendor or multi-tenant networks.

“Cisco Meraki SD-WAN technology has the potential to revolutionise the management, efficiency, and reliability of business networks. The flexible routing and security capabilities provide a leap forward in wide area network management. Highlight is delighted to help Gamma realise this potential for its customers," said Martin Saunders, product director at Highlight.

“Using Highlight, Gamma is able act on any issues before they impact the customer. The addition of Meraki SD-WAN into their Highlight instance also enables their service management teams to provide a uniform customer experience using a platform they’re familiar with, ensuring that all the potential benefits of a managed Meraki SD-WAN service are fully achieved."

The Highlight platform was selected as Gamma's chosen service assurance solution which will give their customers the benefits of SD-WAN by integrating the technology into its managed service.

This in turn, gives their customers confidence and full transparency into how all Gamma’s services are being managed.

“Highlight provides the top-down service view of the Meraki network and delivers full transparency of Gamma’s Meraki SD-WAN service," added James Sirrett, direct network support manager at Gamma.

“Onboarding a new environment and deploying Highlight allows us to quickly get a holistic view of all VPN's and performance metrics of the organisation. This greatly extends our service assurance capability alongside the native Meraki tools. The platform allows us to identify potential issues and provide very quick improvements to the customer.”

The Highlight platform uses the Meraki Dashboard APIs to show SD-WAN device and tunnel performance while supporting network connections such as broadband, WiFi, mobile and LAN.

This enables Gamma to deliver top-down service management insights, as well as being able to quickly identify problems at the source and remove legacy setup issues.

“Working with the Highlight platform has already seen a rise in our customers’ confidence levels with Gamma’s Meraki SD-WAN service," said Hayley Morris, senior customer advocate at Gamma.

“As an advocate who has daily responsibility for enterprise accounts, I am no longer blind to a huge area of their business. SLAs with issues have decreased significantly and, therefore, so have escalations that would have both time-consuming to Gamma and our customers.”

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