Zayo unveils large scale network-wide expansion

Zayo unveils large scale network-wide expansion

detail of an optical fiber cable for data transmission.

Zayo Group has announced a series of expansions and enhancements to its network and services.

These upgrades will include enhanced network protection and an industry-first, on-demand connectivity service, as well as significant expansion of its long-haul dark fibre and 400G-enabled routes and modernisation of its IP core network.

"Yesterday's network can't deliver tomorrow's ideas. Zayo’s global network provides game-changing performance, scale, security, resilience and value for our customers," said Andrés Irlando, president of Zayo.

"Our goal is to revolutionise the industry by constantly improving our network and prioritising our customers' needs. Our teams are focused on providing them with the best possible experience."

The new security capabilities are to include the deployment of Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) filtering - a component of Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security (MANRS) compliance, as well as a two-factor authentication process for Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) route management.

Zayo is also launching Waves on Demand to enable same-day turn-up on the most in-demand routes, which significantly shortened delivery times with the provision wavelengths within a day.

In 2023, Zayo launched 8 new Waves on Demand routes in Newark, New Jersey - New York; Ashburn, Virginia - New York; Hillsboro, Oregon - Seattle, Washington; Ashburn, Virginia - Newark, New Jersey; Atlanta, Georgia - Dallas, Texas; Los Angeles, California - San Jose, California; Inter-Los Angeles, California; and Los Angeles, California - San Jose, California.

It has 5 additional routes planned for the future in Toronto, Ontario - Chicago, Illinois; San Jose, California - Seattle, Washington; Newark, New Jersey - Chicago, Illinois; Chicago, Illinois - Secaucus, New York; and Englewood, Florida - Chicago, Illinois.

“The only way to stay ahead of the digital curve is to continuously transform. Transformative ideas need a reliable, resilient and on-demand network,” said Bill Long, chief product officer at Zayo.

“Zayo is leading the industry with network automation and self-service options, ensuring customers have unprecedented speed and resilience with more flexibility and elasticity, while enhancing security and value, so our customers can focus on making progress toward their business goals instead of worrying about their network.”

This same year Zayo began IP Core upgrades to support 400G connectivity in partnership with Juniper Networks.

“Juniper Networks is dedicated to delivering state-of-the-art solutions, including systems optimised for our customers’ current and future core throughput demands. We are pleased to partner with Zayo as they construct and fortify their next-generation IP Core network, equipped with 400G,” said Sally Bament, Vice President of Service Provider Marketing at Juniper Networks.

“By employing Juniper’s core routers, Zayo can ensure their customers enjoy high- speed bandwidth services that can support growing performance and capacity demands of end users.”

If that weren't enough, Zayo’s has a number of planned new and augmented dark fibre routes in 2023. This includes new routes in St. Louis, Missouri to Indianapolis, Indiana; Columbus, Ohio to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Columbus, Ohio to Ashburn, Virginia.

The augmented routes include, Denver, Colorado to Dallas, Texas; Chicago, Illinois to Omaha, Nebraska; Omaha, Nebraska to Denver, Colorado; Seattle, Washington State to Vancouver, Washington State; and St Louis, Missouri to Memphis, Tennessee.

Lastly Zayo’s has unveiled a number of new Tier 1 400G routes. These are Albany, New York to Newark, New Jersey; Bend, Oregon to Umatilla, Oregon; Chicago, Illinois to Cleveland, Ohio; Albany, New York to Boston, Massachusetts; Atlanta, Georgia to Washington, DC; Dallas, Texas to St. Louis, Missouri; Denver, Colorado to Dallas, Texas; Kansas City, Missouri to Indianapolis, Indiana; Las Vegas, Nevada to Phoenix, Arizona; Montreal, Quebec, Canada to Quebec City, Quebec, Canada; Columbus, Ohio to Ashburn, Virginia; Columbus, Ohio to Cleveland, Ohio; Columbus, Ohio to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Chicago, Illinois to Clinton, Kentucky; Clinton, Kentucky to Ponchatoula, Louisiana; Toronto, Ontario, Canada to Waterloo, Ontario, Canada (Crosslake); Toronto, Ontario, Canada to Montreal, Quebec, (South), Canada; Toronto, Ontario, Canada to Montreal, Quebec (North), Canada; Indianapolis, Indiana to Columbus, Ohio; Ashburn, Virginia to Baltimore, Maryland; Salt Lake City to Seattle, Washington; and Los Angeles, California to San Jose, California.

Additional, tier 2 and 3 routes will also be added throughout 2023, totalling 32 new routes.

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