Baicells to enable private 5G in healthcare

Baicells to enable private 5G in healthcare

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Baicells will team with JACS Solutions, a global provider of custom connectivity solutions for industrial and Internet of Things (IoT) applications to offer private 5G to the healthcare industry.

Baicells says it has long championed CBRS-based network solutions, already deploying more than 500 commercial networks across the US, serving both public operators and private enterprises.

CBRS and private 5G networks are increasingly becoming a big focus for enterprises, big and small, looking to expand their legacy Wifi networks with new use cases.

The healthcare industry is a primary candidate for these private networks, Baicells says, with the networks offering reliable and secure connectivity to keep large numbers of critical sensors and devices online.

"JACS really does highlight that not all wireless platforms are created equal, and sometimes you need a custom solution to meet the specific needs of your business,” said Tony Eigen, VP of marketing at Baicells.

“JACS has been an industry leader in developing devices for private 5G networks, and Baicells is eager to partner with JACS to enable healthcare facilities to leverage the power of private networks and influence outcomes."

Private 5G is having a transcending impact across industries and the private cellular market will likely expand to US$6.32 billion by 2026 from $1.83 billion in 2021, according to research firm Frost and Sullivan.

Emerging healthcare tools such as augmented reality platforms require incredibly low latency that can be found in LTE and private 5G networks.

In addition, these 5G private networks offer greater protection against cyberattacks and can safeguard patients’ healthcare professionals’ personal information.

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