Huawei launches ERP to reduce reliance on US tech

Huawei launches ERP to reduce reliance on US tech

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Huawei is launching its own enterprise IT management software that will reduce its reliance on foreign-sourced tech.

The Chinese vendor has been hampered by several US restrictions, beginning in 2019 when it was added to the US Entity List.

This decision restricted its access to items produced domestically and abroad and made it difficult for the company to import and export key equipment needed for 5G infrastructure.

The legacy ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system is being replaced with ‘MetaERP’, giving the company “full control”.

The firm introduced the MRP (Manufacturing Resource Planning) II system in 1996, and later expanded to the ERP system with several iterative upgrades.

The old ERP system was the core system underpinning Huawei’s enterprise operations and rapid development for more than 20 years. It supported Huawei’s business operations, which generated hundreds of billions of dollars every year, across more than 170 countries and regions worldwide.

Huawei says this is the most extensive and complex transformation project it has ever undertaken.

“We were cut off from our old ERP system and other core operation and management systems more than three years ago,” said Tao Jingwen, Huawei’s board member and president of quality, business process and IT management department.

“Since then, we have not only been able to build our own MetaERP, but also manage the switch and prove its capabilities.

“Today we are proud to announce that we have broken through the blockade. We have survived!"

Over the past three years, the firm says it has invested significant resources and assigned several thousand people to this project, while also working with industry and ecosystem partners to overcome related challenges.

MetaERP currently handles 100% of Huawei’s business scenarios and 80% of its business volume. The software has already passed the tests of monthly, quarterly and yearly settlements while ensuring there are no faults or delays.

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