Rai Way launches Rai Way Edge data centre offering

Rai Way launches Rai Way Edge data centre offering

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Rai Way has announced Rai Way Edge, a new Italian infrastructure of interconnected data centres.

Rai Way Edge is a carrier neutral player connected to the main Italian national fibre optic networks. Leveraging its network of data centres across the country, it is designed to allow companies to meet the growing demand for digital transformation.

The Rai Way Edge data centre network offers low latency connections and high flexibility server housing to TLC operators, service and application providers in the gaming, IoT, over the top (OTT) or AI space.

Rai Way's national infrastructure is carrier-neutral and connected to the largest national fibre-optic infrastructure, comprised of a combination of edge data centres and a hyperscale data centres.

The emergence of new technologies such as 5G, IoT, and AI, is ushering in a new phase of digital transformation, which is accelerating data production. Large central data centres cannot keep up with the processing speed and capacity this revolution demands, as a result, Rai Way Edge technology processes data closer to end users and guarantees low latency.

At the start of the year, Rai Way, together with Microsoft, Equinix Italia, Data4, STACK Infrastructure, Digital Realty, Vantage Data Centers and CBRE Data Centers, was named as one of the founding members of IDA (Italian Data Center Association), the first association that aims to be the voice at institutional level of data centre developers and operators in Italy.

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