BNP Paribas to move part of its Infrastructure to atNorth's Swedish data centre

BNP Paribas to move part of its Infrastructure to atNorth's Swedish data centre

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atNorth confirms that its long-standing customer, BNP Paribas, continues to move portions of its workloads to the Nordic region.

This will enable BNP Paribas to continue to support the growing need for high performance, data-intensive IT workloads.

The migration of another portion of its IT workload to the atNorth data centre in Sweden is a continuation of BNP Paribas’ program to refresh and expand its high-performance computing server farm to atNorth’s Nordics data centres.

The original move to Iceland in 2018 resulted in an increase of nearly 30% in total capacity, reduced energy consumption by more than 50%, and decreased CO2 output by 85%. By moving additional workloads to the atNorth site in Sweden, BNP Paribas is sustainably future proofing its IT infrastructure and reducing its carbon footprint.

“atNorth has been instrumental in helping BNP Paribas ensure our IT operations are as sustainable and carbon neutral as possible, which is an initiative close to the core of our business at the moment,” said Alexis Carrion, CIB Global Head of Data Centers, BNP Paribas.

“We have seen great results from migrating IT workloads to atNorth’s data centre site in Iceland five years ago. As we look to increase our grid computing capacity, the atNorth site is the obvious solution in meeting both demand as well as our guiding principles for sustainability and efficiency."

atNorth’s data centre in Sweden, is built for heat recovery, and is designed to operate with the lowest carbon footprint possible. The site can capture the heat from up to 85% of the electricity used within the centre, which is passed on to the central district heating system to provide heat and hot water for the surrounding community.

“Our partnership with BNP Paribas is very well aligned with atNorth’s mission of providing environmentally responsible compute facilities at scale, BNP Paribas has with this new project yet again demonstrated their leadership in lowering their environmental impact and emphasis on responsible IT deployments," said Gisli Kr, CSO atNorth.

"Through the years BNP Paribas has showcased that focus on sustainability amplifies best practices and has resulted in the best outcome for the environment and their business. BNP Paribas has been an early mover in its ambition to put sustainability and carbon neutrality at the forefront of its business and we are excited to help the team expand their operations to the atNorth site in Stockholm."

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