Console Connect delivers on-demand connectivity services with new Edge Port

Console Connect delivers on-demand connectivity services with new Edge Port


Console Connect has launched a new Access Port service called Edge Port, which enables businesses to plug directly into the Console Connect platform from global enterprise locations.

Edge Port gives businesses across the US and nine other markets with a dedicated connection to the Console Connect platform and network from their office location.

It also helps businesses to rapidly grow and scale their digital ecosystem, interconnecting their office location seamlessly to clouds, applications, devices and any other business that is connected to the Console Connect platform.

“Edge Port brings the power of network automation all the way to your office building and empowers Console Connect users to build their own private virtual networks that can be scaled to meet the needs of their business," said Michael Glynn, senior vice president of digital automated innovation, Console Connect.

"With many businesses still trying to understand how to meet the needs of their hybrid workforce, Edge Port gives them greater flexibility and choice with their global connectivity and makes it easier and more secure to access critical cloud-based services.”

Edge Port can be ordered to business office locations in 10 markets, including the US, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, South Africa and the UK.

Through a single Edge Port, businesses can access Console Connect’s full suite of on-demand connectivity services, including dedicated Layer 2 and Layer 3 connectivity and a premium internet service.

Users can also manage and pay for their connectivity in real-time using the Console Connect management portal or integrate their services via application programming interface.

In addition, the platform puts users in control of Console Connect’s advanced MPLS network infrastructure, which delivers high levels of speed, security, and performance to meet the needs of mission-critical workloads and applications.

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