Global Cloud Xchange unveils new cyber division for network security

Global Cloud Xchange unveils new cyber division for network security

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Global Cloud Xchange (GCX) has launched a new cyber division in response to growing concerns from customers and the enterprise market around network security.

The new division will offer product-agnostic services focused on security optimisation, closing any potential gaps in an organisations’ security posture while driving better resource and cost management.

Specifically, the GCX cyber division is designed to help customers manage the tumultuous network security threats landscape. Its new services include cybersecurity consulting, attack surface management, managed detection and response (MDR), and incident response. The end-to-end offering will enable customers to better optimise their cybersecurity estate.

“The network security threat is increasing in organisations of all sizes, but the resources that CISOs and IT security leaders have in combatting it cannot increase at the same rate – particularly in the current environment," said Jonathan Wright, director of products and operations at GCX.

"Continuing the trend of reactively adding on new solutions to respond to new and evolving threats is adding not only to the cost, but also to the complexity of managing organisations’ security posture. We want Data Made Resilient and Secure, and to help companies get a holistic view of and a real handle on their network security, while offering them technical guidance and support to ensure they can be confident they have the right defences to match the cyber threat landscape.”

At the same time, as many enterprises have already made investments in cybersecurity solutions across the stack, GCX will work with its customers to take a holistic view of their available tools, revealing where potential gaps are introducing risk, and identifying where duplicate services could be optimised for greater resource and cost management.

The new GCX cyber division is being launched in partnership with cybersecurity partners Cambridge Cyber Advisors, Performanta, and S-RM. Leveraging the experience of these teams combined with the network knowledge and technical capabilities of GCX, enabling the new cyber division to quickly scale in line with the demand.

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