Prysmian Group to unveil the first green certified optical cables

Prysmian Group to unveil the first green certified optical cables

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Prysmian Group is to launch the first optical cables certified green thanks to its ECO CABLE label, the first proprietary green product label in the cable industry.

To be presented at the FTTH Conference 2023 in Madrid, officially unveiling its range of ECO CABLE labelled products.

“The ECO CABLE products are aimed at proactively addressing the greener and greener expectations of the telecom market and of all stakeholders,” said Philippe Vanhille, executive vice president of the telecoms division at Prysmian Group.

“We are now ready to present our range of telecom products where the measurable and recognised sustainable criteria can be applied, to support the decarbonisation of operators and broadband infrastructure providers and strengthen their green supply chain and value proposition."

Although fibre is intrinsically green due to full-fibre networks using significantly less electricity than copper-based networks, Prysmian has taken a step further.

The ECO CABLE label is based on an automatic calculation using recognised and measurable criteria in line with the main regulatory frameworks and requirements. It has a specific focus on cable product's carbon footprint, absence of substances of high concern, recyclability/circularity, recycling input rate, environmental benefits and cable transmission efficiency.

The Prysmian Group's telecom cables have been assessed, and approximately 30% of them are now ECO CABLE compliant. The roll out of ECO CABLE labelled telecom products will start in May in Europe, with the rest to follow later in the year.

In related news, Prysmian Group presented its complete solutions for future-proof optical networks at the OFC Conference and Exhibition 2023.

The demonstration focused on solutions for external distribution, including CasaLink, designed for versatility and covering all cable management needs as well as its high fibre count preconnectorised solutions, comprising up to 432 connectors in a flat ribbon or FlexRibbon cable style and allowing cost savings as well as easy access, replacement and maintenance of the network in case of accidental damages on-site: and the complete portfolio of products for the last mile.

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