stc expands network cap in Saudi during Ramadan

stc expands network cap in Saudi during Ramadan

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stc has expanded its network capabilities by 18% in Madina, Saudi Arabia to keep pace with the rising visitor numbers and pilgrims during the month of Ramadan.

The company has successfully provided pilgrims in the Al Haram region with its developed services and technologies through its equipped digital infrastructure.

This year, the number of international roaming clients visiting the Kingdom for the Umrah pilgrimage exceeded 13% compared to previous years.

Moreover, the volume of data traffic exceeded 90% in Al Haram, and more than a third of the internet traffic was handled by 5G, with an increase of 130% compared to last year.

Additionally, stc recorded a voice traffic growth of over 22% in Madina compared to last year.

Despite the rocketing number of users, though, stc increased its 5G coverage by elevating its services sites by 13% in Madina.

The numbers reflect high work efficiency on the network and measurable performance indicators.

The Group says it continuously works to provide unique experiences to the pilgrims through its equipped and developed infrastructure.

All sites for serving the pilgrims will be well equipped to greet millions of visitors during the month of Ramadan.

This will ensure offering a distinctive digital experience and upgrading service quality.

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