Infobip launches ‘blueprint’ to aid growing chat app popularity

Infobip launches ‘blueprint’ to aid growing chat app popularity

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Infobip has launched a new ‘blueprint’ to enable brands to embed conversational experiences for customers.

The Conversational Everything Blueprint simplifies the process for brands, and delivers rich, convenient and personalised conversational experiences, Infobip says.

By developing meaningful conversations, Infobip says firms can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, increase conversion rates and create additional revenue streams.

Tonko Šarac, Director of go to market at Infobip said: “The conversational future is now, and customers are looking for quick, easy, and meaningful interactions with the brands of their interest on their familiar channel.

“So, brands need to start interacting with their customers, whether for promotion, sales, or support on popular chat apps that became mainstream.

“This means that conversational experiences between customers and brands must be richer and more personal across all phases of customer journeys. The consequences of this approach are better customer loyalty and higher sales.”

The blueprint also explains how organisations can embed conversational experiences across all customer touchpoints from marketing to sales and support.

By combining marketing and promotional campaigns businesses can engage customers in real-time using two-way conversations on channels.

Businesses can also boost sales by shaping personalised end-to-end customer journeys on a single communication channel, where customers go from search to purchase in minutes.

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