Cisco unveils latest 800G network innovation

Cisco unveils latest 800G network innovation

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Cisco has revealed its 800G innovations that aim to transform the economics and sustainability of connectivity networks.

The solutions also support Cisco customers connect the nearly 40% of the world’s population that remains unconnected or under served.

Cisco is doubling the capacities of communication service provider and Webscale customer backbones, metro core, and data centre networks compared to 400G/100G modular solutions.

The new 28.8Tbps / 36 x 800G line card for Cisco 8000 series routers is powered by Cisco Silicon One and lowers operational costs as communication service providers and cloud operators transition networks from 100G to 400G, and 800G capacities.

“We continue to expand 800G to more use cases, from AI/ML fabrics to the core, to help our customers meet their performance and sustainability goals,” said Kevin Wollenweber, senior vice president and general manager, Cisco Networking - data centre and provider connectivity.

“With our dense core and spine solutions using new double density line cards with Cisco Silicon One, we have accelerated the transition to 800G anywhere.”

The Cisco 8000 Series Router systems powered by Cisco Silicon One P100 deliver up to 83% space savings enabling customers to build denser networks using much of the same infrastructure.

In addition, by doubling the capacity in the same chassis footprint, the Cisco 8000 Series Router platform has up to twice the space efficiency over 400G single chassis systems.

At the same time, with up to 68% power savings, the 800G systems can help customers meet their sustainability goals. On the basis that a single 800G system is in use 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, the potential energy savings over 400G systems would reduce Greenhouse GAs emissions by up to 215,838 CO2e per year.

Using the Cisco Silicon One P100 ASICs and Cisco pluggable optics, the new line card offers significant throughput for Cisco 8800 Series modular systems. For example, it has the ability to scale up to 800G to support increasing traffic demands with four, eight, twelve, and 18-slot chassis. Customers can scale up to 518Tbps capacity with a single 18-slot modular 800G system.

And operationally, with advanced visualization dashboards, services monitoring with actionable insights, and closed-loop network optimization customers can ensure consistent services quality of experiences.

“Together with Cisco, we seek new approaches to drive market differentiation and deliver business outcomes through agile, secure infrastructure at every stage of the technology journey. As a key enabler of the kingdom’s Vision 2030, we must ensure that our technology stays at the forefront of technological Innovations," said Bader Allhieb, stc Infrastructure, stc

"With modular 800G innovations and Silicon One P100 on the Cisco 8000 Series, we continue to push towards new levels of cloud connectivity and digital transformation while benefiting from operational efficiencies that allow stc group to maintain providing a high-performing, lower cost-per-bit service to our customers.”

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