T-Mobile asks FCC for temporary use of 2.5GHz spectrum

T-Mobile asks FCC for temporary use of 2.5GHz spectrum

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T-Mobile US has asked the Federal Communications Commission for temporary access to its 2.5GHz spectrum band, to deploy it in specific geographic areas.

The operator paid US$304 million for 7,156 licences of 2.5GHz spectrum in last summer’s auction and is hoping to use spectrum for a period of 180 days.

However, earlier this month, US Congress allowed the FCC’s auction authority to lapse, prompting the FCC to say it could not issue licenses for the 2.5GHz spectrum to T-Mobile until its auction authority is reinstated.

T-Mobile says its request will serve the public interest by providing wireless service in rural and underserved areas.

“While T-Mobile expects that the Commission’s auction authority will be restored, the timing for when that will occur is unclear,” the application said.

“The recent lapse in the FCC’s auction authority should not delay the benefit of putting spectrum to work for the American people.”

The carrier added that allowing it to use the spectrum will support its Home Internet fixed wireless access (FWA) service across the country.

T-Mobile believes that the FCC still has the authority to grant the temporary allocation due to “extraordinary circumstances”.

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