Orange Wholesale France partners Networth to expand fibre offering

Orange Wholesale France partners Networth to expand fibre offering

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Orange Wholesale France (OWF) is partnering with Networth to launch, All Fibre, a VoIP telephony and internet connectivity offer.

All Fiber is a packaged solution for operators without a network or service platform that serves professionals and very small businesses. It was designed in a co-construction approach with Networth, a publisher and operator of telecom infrastructures for companies.

OWF has therefore entered into a technical partnership with Networth for the use of its VoIP solution and its management platform.

“Our new All Fiber offer, with its wide national coverage, allows our operator customers, without making network investments, to save money and also to simplify their intervention in the field," said Bénédicte Javelot, Bénédicte Javelot, managing director of Orange Wholesale France.

"Orange Wholesale France is very pleased to have initiated this innovative approach with Networth, which illustrates our desire to create lasting ties with our partners on a daily basis."

All Fiber complements the Just Fiber Internet connection offer and give operators the ability to gradually migrate their customers who still have access copper to fibre access. This includes customers with a wholesale copper offer for telephone use and will be able to benefit from fibre by subscribing to All Fiber.

The VoIP over fibre to the home (FTTH) solution reinforces Orange Wholesale France's range of white label solutions in the professional and very small business markets with national coverage comprised of 91% of connectable FTTH sockets or 31 million homes.

“We are committed to making tomorrow's technologies available to everyone. It must be done in a simple and economical way to grow together," said Richard Aubry, president of Networth.

In related news, earlier this month the European Commission has approved the acquisition of 75% acquisition of VOO SA by Orange Belgium.

The Commission came to the decision that Orange must pave the way for Telenet’s entry into the Walloon region and parts of Brussels in the immediate future.

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