Deutsche Telekom to offer IBM quantum computing in the cloud

Deutsche Telekom to offer IBM quantum computing in the cloud

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Deutsche Telekom’s T‑Systems subsidiary is to offer customers cloud access to IBM quantum computers.

The unit will offer one-day introductory sessions and business-case proofs-of-concept that last several months, it said today.

T‑Systems CEO Adel Al-Saleh (pictured) said: “Quantum computing will be central to tomorrow’s IT landscape. We are combining quantum and classical computing in a seamless and scalable customer experience.”

The company will offer its customers with cloud access to IBM’s quantum systems, including multiple quantum computers powered by the 127-qubit IBM Eagle processor.

Deutsche Telekom said this announcement sees its IT subsidiary embark on the path to providing access to this technology, as well as insights on how it can be applicable to its customers’ businesses. In addition, T-Systems will offer dedicated quantum know-how and training.

“Taking these first decisive steps will lower the access barrier to quantum computing,” said Al-Saleh.

The company said customers will have access to T‑Systems’ quantum services in a set of different customizable packages.

T‑Systems will develop and test customers’ use-cases via cloud access to IBM’s quantum systems, but said it “aims to host its own quantum infrastructure in the future, assisted by IBM”. Al-Saleh said: “In IBM, we have a trusted partner to deliver this future technology. It is a perfect match for our industry focus and expertise.”

Scott Crowder, VP of IBM’s quantum adoption and business development, said: “By partnering with T‑Systems as a cloud provider, we will be able to offer access to quantum technology to an even broader ecosystem.”

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