Spacecom to expand African coverage with Azercosmos pact

Spacecom to expand African coverage with Azercosmos pact


Israeli satellite operator Spacecom is working with an Azerbaijani satellite company to extend services into Africa.

Spacecom has signed an agreement to use Azerspace’s satellites to extend the geographical coverage of its services, in particular in Africa.

Yon Rosenberg, CEO of Spacecom, said: “We consider the use of Azercosmos telecommunication and teleportation services as an important step for the development of our joint space activities. Azerspace satellites are among the most dynamic in the African market and they will provide quality services in the field of digital broadcasting.”

Azercosmos has two geostationary satellites (pictured), both US-built and launched by French company Arianespace from Kourou, French Guiana. They orbit above the equator at 45.1° and 46° east and provide video and data services.

The two sides said they have signed a cooperation agreement on joint implementation of long-term projects.

Spacecom has a number of its own satellites, including some with coverage of Africa.

The new partnership with Azercosmos is part of Spacecom’s expansion strategy in Africa, which began in 2019. The company aims to become one of the main providers of satellite communication solutions and services on the continent in a particularly marked context. by the growing demand for high-speed connectivity and digital transformation. It is therefore multiplying the initiatives and strategic partnerships to this effect.

Spacecom said it has been multiplying its initiatives to establish itself on the market for telecom services via satellite in Africa.

In June 2021, the company acquired 9.3% of the capital of NuRAN Wireless for US$3.2 million. Québec-based infrastructure supplier NuRAN has been involved in a number of African initiatives, including with MTN in Côte d’Ivoire and with Orange in Madagascar.

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