Stack Infra to provide back-up power for … Switzerland

Stack Infra to provide back-up power for … Switzerland

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Digital infrastructure company Stack is to provide supplemental power capacity to the Swiss energy reserve.

This is in response to a government rule to prepare Switzerland for a possible energy shortage during winter months and outlines measures aimed at preventing power outages, including holding hydropower, power plant and generator reserves.

John Eland, the company’s CEO for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, said: “Stack has the capacity not only to support our clients’ mission-critical workloads, but also to provide additional energy capacity to the grid, so we are pleased to contribute to the winter reserve.”

Stack has committed to provide capacity via its existing emergency generators, which can be requested by the Swiss grid to increase the security of power supply in the short term.

Owners of backup power generators are encouraged to contribute to the reserve to ensure the continued availability of electricity throughout the country during February, March and April.

Eland said: “Stack is committed to serving the local communities in which we operate. We are confident that Switzerland is resilient to any potential energy challenges.”

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