Verizon boosts 5G coverage across Iowa

Verizon boosts 5G coverage across Iowa


Verizon has expanded its 5G ultra-wideband network across Iowa.

Residents in Ames, Cedar Rapids and Iowa City will now have access to the network as part of the operator’s latest expansion.

Verizon’s 5G ultra-wideband cell sites in each of these communities are now live, with the company promising more coverage “on the horizon”.

“Verizon is widely known for having the most reliable 5G network experience, and it’s exciting to see the positive impact our work has had in Iowa,” said Dean Brauer, vice president of engineering and operations for Verizon.

“Our network engineers work tirelessly to provide unmatched connectivity to our customers across Ames, Cedar Rapids, Iowa City and beyond, and we will not slow down.”

In the coming months, Verizon will deploy 5G ultra-wideband to downtown Iowa City, the University of Iowa campus, the Cedar Rapids metropolitan area including the Rockwell Collins campus, downtown Ames and Iowa State university campus.

The latest deployment uses Verizon’s recently acquired C-band spectrum.

The company will deploy 5G ultra-wideband using 100MHz of C-band spectrum in several Iowa markets and will add more bandwidth once all of its licensed spectrum is made available.

The added bandwidth will be available at the end of this year.

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