Seacom services now live on Equiano cable

Seacom services now live on Equiano cable

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Seacom has gone live on the Equiano subsea cable following the cable’s landing in Cape Town, South Africa in August 2022.

The African telco provider offers private line services with latency speeds of 110 milliseconds (ms) between South Africa and Europe, making it the fastest direct route between the continents.

The news comes after Seacom fulfilled the necessary equipment and installation requirements with the help of its technology partner, Infinera.

The cable now forms part of Seacom’s subsea cable ecosystem surrounding Africa, which is supported by continent-wide IP-MPLS network.

“This launch results from years of project negotiations and planning, driven by a goal to be ready to offer quality service to our customers from day one,” says Prenesh Padayachee, Seacom's Group chief digital officer.

“The Equiano subsea cable represents a new stage in Africa’s digital transformation, meeting Africa’s growing data requirements, enabling cross-border digital trade, and offering citizens and enterprises new opportunities

The Equiano cable was launched in 2019 by Google and is one of the highest-capacity cables serving Africa.

The cable stretches 15,000km from Portugal to South Africa and boasts twelve fibre pairs with a design capacity of 144Tbps.

Seacom services via the cable will be available from today.

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