‘Portfolio career’ plan means Vinod Kumar quits Vodafone

‘Portfolio career’ plan means Vinod Kumar quits Vodafone

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Vinod Kumar, who joined Vodafone as CEO of its business unit in 2019, is to leave the group.

Vodafone said Kumar (pictured), former managing director and group CEO of Tata Communications, would now “pursue a portfolio career”.

CEO Margherita Della Valle said: “We will miss Vinod when he leaves at the end of the year to pursue a portfolio career.”

Kumar was a senior VP at Pacnet 20 years ago before moving to Tata Communications, as COO and then CEO. His departure from Tata was sudden: the company announced on 2 July 2019 that he was leaving, and he left three days later, as news of his appointment to Vodafone Business became public.

Vodafone said this morning: “He will continue to lead Vodafone Business until the end of the year with specific focus on driving the development of our internet of things activity, including digital asset broker, leading Vodafone’s valued external partnerships and alliances and delivering our growth priorities.”

Kumar has not given any details of the contents of his future portfolio. Vodafone said: “His successor will be named in due course.”

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